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Startups’ Future Gets Brighter with AngelList Docs

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the introduction of crowdfunding and seed funding has opened a brand-new page in the IT world, where it’s far easier and quicker to start and develop your young business.

In fact, it’s really due to seed and crowdfunding, which has made it possible to realize creative ideas and further develop them, as long as you’ve got a convincing business plan for potential investors.

At the same time, it hasn’t been till now, that the actual results of successful deals (read: large money transactions) could be also conducted online within a resource, having brought investors and startup authors together. Well, the situation is likely to change for better, now that one of the major players in the niche AngelList introduces its Docs.

The essence of the project is absolutely simple: as long as the startup appears to have gathered sufficient amount of investors’ money, the deal can be so to say closed in the online mode. As soon as all required details (e.g. list of investors, total sum of money, etc.) are provided, AngelList Docs will create the term sheets and other agreement documents 100% automatically.

Not only the fresh project allows to spare time and efforts with the preparation of the mentioned papers, but as AngelList representatives claim, it will also enable to curtail formerly obligatory legal fees that are sometimes way too high to handle.

In a whole, with a great deal of rivals, including KickStarter and Y Combinator, for instance, that are today rapidly upgrading both the range and the quality of their services, Docs is what can really bring AngelList to the top of popularity among investors and, surely, startup creators as well.

Therefore, if you’re just thinking of founding your own business, it’d be helpful at least to check what Docs make possible for you to do, but only after you attend TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, SF.

That’s so as such a large-scale conference will open up a great deal of opportunities for startup authors, regarding their communication with other young, yet already successful IT companies and influential investors. As for “learning about others’ success part”, I’ve read that 4Sync will even be serving their special cloud ice-cream at the event, for example, so you will also have a chance to satisfy your physical, not just intellectual hunger.

Don’t miss your chance to take a step forward!

Oh, and stay cool)

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