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1st Review of Mine - 4shared Sync

As far as I've decided to start my blog, using the sort of personal experience in software development, it took me, hmm, well, I say, about 2 hours, to figure out what I should write about first. Finally, I’ve decided to write about some new soft on the market, since the blog is also new.

Having googled the software news, I’ve noticed one interesting tendency: the most essential apps, offered by reputable IT companies, are oriented on 2 major aspects, convenience of access to certain services and security of users’ data.

Thus, the service I was planning to write about, should have definitely covered both of these aspects, and, fortunately,I have found one new product - 4shared Sync.

To start with, I’ve checked – What is 4shared Sync?

In fact, the positive thing was that the author of the app – 4shared*
    ( *as Google says: 4shared is a large online storage facility, where Internet users store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files and share them, if they wish, with other people.) has managed to describe, what the app is about in a rather concise way.

If we are at least a bit alike in our tastes with you, you’ve, probably, also encountered long-long descriptions of the soft or a particular app in your life for many times, when having perused 5 -10 abstracts of text you can ask only 1 single question: WHAT???? In this respect, 4shared Sync has the 1st pro – you can get what it is quickly.

As I’ve understood: 4shared Sync – is a useful app to synchronize your files, initially stored on different PCs or laptops with their back-up stored at Ok, got it!

Next step: I’ve downloaded and installed the app – good news, it’s not too large in size, so the download process didn’t take long! One pro more. Done!

Interface: well, to those users, who prefer bright and colourful app interface with thousands of images, 4shared Sync might possess a con. Its interface is rather plain. Yet, from my personal experience, the quicker you can grasp all the buttons and titles in the app interface, the more convenient the app is. So, for me, it’s rather a pro. Besides, the chosen color scheme is neutral -blue, which is also good, as it doesn’t disturb you from work. So, interface- checked!


1. As I hadn’t had a 4shared account before, I’ve signed up with the service to check, whether my files would be really backed-up. Haha, that was a shock, but I’ve been given 15GB free storage space! Pro-Pro-Pro!

2. Have chosen the standard installation type, as recommended.

3. Then, I’ve chosen the path to “My 4shared” folder, and copied a few photos from my PC there. Fascinating, it took a sec, or smth, for the photos to appear at my 4shared account. Nicee!! 

4. Have installed 4shared Sync on my laptop, to check, if the photos from my PC would appear. Clicked “Synchronize” and pa-dam!!! They are now everywhere!!!))) haha, it’s like the most essential photos of mine have been chosen, to store them everywhere))))

5. Final. Have installed the app at work on my PC. Pa-da-dam! Those 4 photos are now at my office, too)lol

If seriously, if to consider all aspects of 4shared Sync, then,

Price - the app is free, so “+”

Interface – not disturbing and is plain, so “+”

Functionality – as there’s no perfection in this world, then 4,9 out of 5.

In a whole, if choosing 5-star evaluation scale, 4shared Sync will get 5 stars, definitely.

P.S. Of course, we can all have our own opinions, and as you have yours, I have mine. But at least, I hope, you didn’t get bored, while reading.)))))))

Stay cool and wait for another review of mine.

C ya, Andy)

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  1. Thank you for review:) Seems to be awesome and actually, dropbox have only 2Gb free storage space, thus , why not ?!