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Is it an E-Mail War? Microsoft Introduces

How it Was and Is

For what it takes, Microsoft belongs to one of the largest and the most powerful IT companies in the world, having millions of fans and admirers around the globe. Yet, the enterprise has somehow started losing its user ratings lately, much due to the growing demands for convenience and simplicity of its services. In particular, Microsoft’s old-known Outlook Express has already become quite an old-fashioned one among the range of e-mail options and is rarely used these days.

On the contrary, Google is generally considered a highly innovative company that invests much in making its products as user-friendly as possible, including perhaps the most popular e-mail service in the world Gmail.

How can it be?

Apparently, Microsoft has got sick and tired of its reputation to be an old-school IT competitor in the e-mail niche, as it’s recently presented its As it’s stated, the fresh mailing rival is absolutely beneficial to try and can even overpower Gmail in its features. 

As the authors of pinpoint, the most obvious advantages of the service are related to seemingly unlimited amount of space for letters, its integration with famous social networks and the possibility to create e-mail aliases for users’ convenience, not to mention the available WYSIWYG editor.

Sounds awesome, right?

How will it be?

Surely, it goes without saying that Microsoft has put incredible efforts into the development of, and the service can’t simply be a huge disappointment. At the same time, it’s seemingly doubtful that a lot of Gmail fans will move onto using the fresh rival. Why not? Well, it’s crystal clear: as long as you’re absolutely satisfied with what you have, you won’t bother to change your preferences. Likewise as with Gmail, you wouldn’t bother to move from the beloved Internet browser, music player or even file storage, like 4shared, for example. What for?

Therefore, even though has good chances to find its devoted admirers, all talks about its future conquer of the e-mail world can be considered a good joke. At least, that’s how I see it.

Stay cool)

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