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Innovative Search Options: BitLy Takes a Step

It has become pretty common lately to shorten long links and make them simpler to share with others. I wouldn’t even exaggerate to state that the majority of us are quite accustomed to using services, like BitLy for the described so to say “shortening” purpose.

This is how it was in the past. The thing is that from now on, BitLy isn’t only specialized in one specific niche, but is likely to expand its fame to a considerable extent, having introduced its search engine for trendy links in social media. Someone would, perhaps, say that this sector is totally occupied by Google for good, but they might happen to be wrong.

The reason is that what RealTine by BitLy offers is not really the search engine we’re more acquainted with: it enables users to define a number of search parameters, which help specify and acquire the most relative results. Similarly to what, for instance, offers to define to find the needed file, the new service provides the options to narrow the results to particular social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr), geographical location, language and sphere in addition to the entered keyword. 

Being now available in its closed beta version only, RealTime is accessible to BitLy registered users, and you need to have your sign-up application approved. Fortunately, the approval usually takes little time (at least mine was checked within a few minutes), so you don’t have to wait to start surfing for the trendy links. At the same time, be prepared to find out that the received results aren’t always satisfactory either in the quantity of links or their actual relativity.

For what it takes, BitLy has always had something innovative from the moment the service entered the market, and the creation of RealTime works as the perfect proof of such statement. Who cares that it won’t, obviously, become the next Google for trendy links, if it still provides us with something highly significant: the choice of which app or service to opt for.

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