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FB Timeline & Twistory: Everything about Log History

Do you know what Timelines Are? I bet you do, but just in case – these are the brief story outlines of a certain brand, company, business, or virtually anything else. Do you often take a look at the companies’ timelines? Well, I do. At least, as far as I’m interested in the story of a success or the paste, in which the success has become a reality.

In fact, timelines are definitely beneficial both for your general vision and knowledge and your personal experience (you might turn out to implement some of the useful moves, who knows).

At the same time, notion of the log history is pretty much the same as the timeline for the company, but it mainly concerns your usage of a certain service: what you’ve done and when you’ve done it. Here, we’re more, than acquainted with checking log history in syncing our files (I double check if I’ve synced my data with 4Sync, for instance, not to miss anything essential), and even our “Sent” box in Gmail, or any other e-mail service to make sure, that all important letters have been definitely written and, what is more, sent.

As for now, the time has, perhaps, come for the social networks to upgrade their log history options to a certain extent. At least, this is the only obvious conclusion that can be made when you’re offered to try the “Timeline” feature at FB, or check the Twistory app in guess where…. Twitter.

In this respect, whereas FB Timeline hasn’t impressed me much in terms of its functionality (the only innovation is the background pic you can upload, and the more chaotic structure of your Profile page); Twistory founders have moved forward, as the app supports Google Calendar and the user’s Twitter log history can be exported, if needed.

Moreover, creative and, at the same time, adventurous Twistory founders even offer both free and prepaid app modes, the former enabling you to save only 30-day Twitlog history.

In a whole, God knows, if social networking modified log history features are useful enough to pay so much attention to their upgrade. The only benefit I might find in them is keeping the sites’ design attractive (FB Timeline) at least and offering us ONE MORE way (Twistory) (in addition to N ways)to check and backup our social media activity.

Stay cool)

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