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From Minute to Global: What Do Decreased Intel Sales Mean?

I’ve actually been thinking of dedicating this post to reviewing one of the latest app releases, but have changed my mind eventually.

Much because of the fact that today Mr. Robert Norton Noyce would celebrate his 84th birthday, if he were alive, I can’t but write about one of his utterly successful projects, Intel.

Undoubtedly, the company is one of the largest ones even if to take the huge steps in the development of modern IT industry in the recent years, still the latest news about the expected rapid decrease of sales in the 4th quarter of 2011 has made me wonder about the cloudless future of the corporation.

Since the explained major reason for negative revenue expectations of Intel is the descrease of PC supply, and consequently, the lowered demand for chips, produced by the company, this news raises even more global questions, like: Is PC’s future cloudless either?

To be honest, it’s still hard to imagine our lives without computers in their classic mode, but, at the same time, the paste of life dictates its laws, namely, the necessity to keep all our data at hand, even in case we aren’t near the PC.

It’s actually the consequence of this quick-paste rhythm that we have already become much more accustomed to using file-sharing services (otherwise the grandees as RapidShare or 4shared wouldn’t get so many users), file-syncing tools, powerful smartphones, tablets, external hard-drives, and extra-thin laptops. It’s also the cause of our frequent exchanging the wired provides for Wi-Fi (I wonder if people even use the wired Internet for personal needs now).

Getting back to the question about the future of PC’s, no matter how much we’re gonna miss the oldies, the current trends reveal that they won’t be able to last long from now. There might be left the large and incredibly functional computers, used in a number of specific industries (the defense, for instance), but these will also vanish with time, as from my point of view.

Thus, the future of Intel sales (and the whole company as well) seems also doubtful, in case the company won’t turn to the production of innovative chips, which will sooner or later replace the ones that are being used in PC’s at the moment.

Just because the times change, the laws change, and we’ve gotta change as well.

Stay cool)

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