четверг, 15 декабря 2011 г.

SocialFolders - One More Tool to Confuse the Users

Are you yet accustomed to syncing your files, photos, docs, or contact lists? If not, I’d say, you’re too conservative, too old-fashioned, or too light-headed. The thing is that the whole modern IT industry is all about backing up, syncing and integrating all data you have got at one place.

We’re already using a great deal of web and mobile cloud services, some of them being presented in both modes for our convenience (like 4shared with its special apps for all mobile OS’s, for example). Yet, some of app developers still believe that we need one more, as they say, the only truly convenient application to gather our files. At least, these, as I can presume, were the thoughts of SocialFolders’ creators, as their app is aimed at gathering and syncing your files from different social media on your PC.

As for the pros of SocialFolders, these lie in the app functionality, without any doubt, even though this very functionality doesn’t differ from the one of other similar services to a considerable extent.

As for the cons, here are the major ones:

Mediocrity. As I have already mentioned, I don’t see any special functions in SocialFolders.

Lack of mobility. The app requires being downloaded on the user’s computer, which, in fact means, that you find yourself tied to this device to access the sort of integrated data.

Of course, I wish nothing, but the years of prosperity to SocialFolders’ authors, but to be honest, I’d, perhaps, avoid using the app itself. The reason is that its developers couldn’t avoid the common mistake, that is, they’ve offered the same-old functionality aka one more tool, which copies the usable one’s features, whereas the users are hungry for more.

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