вторник, 10 января 2012 г.

Have you already ordered from Takeaway?

We’re mobile, we’re always on the move, and we demand convenience from every good and service we’re using. We do.

Undoubtedly, we’re keen on using a variety of apps for our smartphones and tablets, from photo editors to music players, like 4shared Music, etc., living our lives at a cruising speed.

And yet…and yet we’ve already turned out so busy with our routine that we tend to order, rather than purchase live most of the time. It may sound a bit controversial, but despite the fact that everything and everyone in the modern world is moving really fast, we mostly prefer to order, than to go and buy.

If to relate such an ambiguous tendency (I certainly wouldn’t dare decide, whether it’s good, or bad))) to an IT industry, it’s quite natural that the number of apps, aimed at helping people order is gradually increasing every single day.

Of course, the quantity doesn’t always presuppose the quality, but it’s true, that a number of order-oriented applications have managed to win the considerable popularity even in terms of constantly insensifying applications. Namely, I’m talking about, having got 9 thousand restaurant-partners at a moment, which has recently acquired more, than 10million Euro from investors. Too much, as you would say?

I’d admit it’s absolutely predictable. With the service’s fame being spread more and more, and people’s desire to eat being eternal by all means; has good chances to become the best of the best in its sphere, if the received money is used properly.

For now, it’s almost impossible to foresee, how the functionality and the diversity of options in the service are going to be developed, but hopefully, the app founders will never have a regretting thought that they once decided to launch it.

Getting back to our strange desire to order, I guess it won’t change in the nearest future, at least, and not because of the fact, as someone may suggest, we are to lazy to get out, but rather because we’ve got much more essential things to do. This is even inspiring))

Stay cool


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