четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

MediaEverywhere by Polar Mobile – One More Win for HTML5

To start with, recollect in memory what you might have heard about Polar Mobile before.

Got it? If it’s nothing, then you’re a either a newbie in IT, or..Well, here I’m done with options, for Polar Mobile has already become an unbelievably famous player on the application development field recently.

With its numerous media clients being also more, than simply popular, like CBS Interactive and GQ, just to name a few, Polar Mobile has left many of its former rivals far behind, due to its incredible cross-platform app building solutions.

For now, the company is ready to open the new era in expanding its business – there has already been announced the upcoming appearance of specifically created content distribution engine - HTML5-based MediaEverywhere.

In this respect, Polar Mobile has got impressive expectations for MediaEverywhere, as the new product will definitely increase its client networking opportunities to a considerable extent. At the same time, there’s one more win to observe – one more win for HTML5, and one more proof that this very technology owns the future.

It’s not that somebody has had any more doubts about the cloudless perspectives of HTML5, on the contrary, the latest IT trends reveal that soon there’s be no company in the industry not using the language. Moreover, a large number of brands in versatile fields, including media portals or large cloud storages (namely, 4shared), for instance, are known to have been using HMTL5 already, so the technology is likely to rule the world pretty soon.

Anyway, MediaEverywhere is promised to be presented in public in the 1Q, 2012, and I’ll make sure to test the fresh service as soon as it’s available

So, let’s get ready to be impressed, guys.

Stay cool

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