четверг, 19 января 2012 г.

Samsung Becomes the New Asian Tiger

The history of competition between Samsung and Apple is full of versatile disputes, arguments and lawsuits, many of which are still being in court.

Despite the fact, that the plagiarism issues have become almost the indispensible part of what the experts are talking about, when Samsung products are being mentioned in the talk, the company somehow continues its winning streak. And this can be easily proven, at least as far as Asian countries are concerned.

The latest news reveals surprisingly large popularity of new Galaxy smartphones by Samsung, especially in South Korea, where, as the surveys show, where you will definitely meet 1 Samsung Galaxy II S owner among 10 citizens. Shocking? Actually, rather predictable.

The thing is that Samsung, in fact, has all to become as famous as its biggest rival in Asia. The company’s smartphones are likewise functional and carefully designed as iPhones (ok, may be a little too much similar, but who cares) and, at the same time, pretty cheaper, than the latter. Moreover, you’d never find essential differences either in the look or between the features of Samsung and Apple tablets as well, with the former, again, being cheaper. Both enterprises turn out to be compatible with hundreds of useful applications, though here Samsung has got one advantage, when opted for including some useful apps, like 4shared Mobile as the default ones.

Futhermore, what Samsung posseses now, a so to say, secret weapon in the war is its Samsung Galaxy Note.It’s neither an ordinary smartphone, nor a tablet. It’s the middle, which somehow the company has managed to create Before Apple. Moreover, the device is really cutting-edge in its multifunctionality and style. Classy, elegant, and boy, even if you never really need it, you want to buy it, more than anything, as long as you take it in the hands.

All things considered, for what it takes, Samsung has, obviously, Already become the new Asian Tiger, and being so heavily-armed, perhaps, will soon increase its popularity all over the world as well.

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