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Fancy the new “Fancy” Pinterest Rival?

I remember my first post about Pinterest, written a while ago, when the service hadn’t yet become the new passion for millions and how delightful it was to receive a confirmation of my personal account.

In case you didn’t know, Pinterest is a social service, which enables you to repost interesting, funny pics from the large accessible gallery of the site and add the fun photos yourself from any site you would like (all links are kept, so there’s no copyright infringement). Actually it works in the similar way you would add some useful files to your account at, selected among the data, previously uploaded by other 4shared users.

With some time having passed, I am now happy to present you with my, so to say, alpha-test of the fresh Pinterest Rival – Fancy, which is, actually, quite similar to its Pin-forerunner, yet has also got a number of its own essential peculiarities.

More reserved in the colorscheme of its interface, Fancy is seemingly more focused on attracting carrier-oriented people, who check the essential and necessary sites more frequently, than some cute animals, or something.

Some other design peculiarities go to the “Fancy It” button, which displays a popsickle icon. In this respect, I’d say it doesn’t look likewise stylish as the “Pin It” button, and I didn’t really get the idea with ice-cream (perhaps due to the fact that I loathe eating it lol).

As for available options, the service allows you to check the latest users’ Fancies, Fancy some of them and add personally found masterpieces. Unlike Pinterest enabling to add its Pin button to the browser, Fancy is offering to install the special Fancy Add-On (at least what I was shown in Chrome) to be able to Fancy interesting stuff on the Web and add it to your personal account at the site.

Moreover, there’s also a unique feature in Fancy, which hasn’t even been fully implemented by Pinterest – that is an ability to purchase some of the things you happen to browse in the gallery. In a simple example, it might be a leather jacket, the photo of which has been posted by one of the stores, or virtually anything else, as long as you see a “Buy it” button near the picture.

As for the general impressions about Fancy, I can’t but admit that the service has got all chances to compete with Pinterest in future. Here, the initial photo-reposting trend being one of the hottest ones now, I guess we might witness the rise of one more competitor in the niche soon enough as well.

Stay cool)

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