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Instant Videos and Sharing: How Tough is the Market?

Back a few years ago we couldn’t imagine how simple it is to capture a video in seconds, upload it to some cloud storage and share it with anyone you want. It all, actually, started with yFrog, mostly popular among Twitter users, if my memory doesn’t fool me.

For now, the situation on the market has radically changed and the competition is still getting more and more intense, much due to the collosal popularity of instant videos among users, who are lucky enough to earn a smartphone. The diversity of already-presented apps in the niche is quite impressive, though many of them are oriented on iPhone users, rather than people with Android smartphones and tablets. Let’s check just a few:

Gnzo: the application is rather new, as it has only recently been presented to the general public.
Its core features comprise users’ ability to capture short (up 6 second-long) videos on a mobile device, share them instantly with others and a possibility to arrange others’ videos according to a selected tag, user’s names, etc. using an available multi-viewer. What is a bit disappointing is the fact that all videos are open for public view, so you can’t set up just the limited access to them.

Viddy: the application was initially introduced a few years ago and is recognized to enable catching short-videos for further uploading to the database and sharing on Twitter or FB. Other app features also include the possibility to follow some particular users, check the trendy videos, and make the customized filtered videos. At the same time, there’re also predefined limitations in size of uploaded videos in Twitter-resembling Viddy – each video can be only up to 15 seconds long.

4Photo for iPhone/iPad: the application is rather well-known among users in different parts of the world. Its beneficial features, compared to the rivals, comprise the possibility to capture both quick photos and quick videos with the application and the absence of limitations, regarding the size of videos. Due to the app being related to the cloud storage 4shared, the users have got a chance to use the entire free 10GB of space for their videos and photos, access any of them on the go at the web-account as well and share any taken video or picture instantly via Twitter. At the same time, it’s simple to further share the links to captured masterpieces to anyone, with either open or limited access to them. Some of the videos (or photos) can still be left closed for public view, if you wish to.

Any of the offered applications, obviously, possesses a number of somewhat specific features. On the other hand, I’d go with the one, where you control the access to your data, in the first place.

Stay cool)

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