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Ridejoy – Expansion of LifeStyle Sharing Opportunities

Within the current realities, the most essential trend we’re witnessing is, undoubtedly, the global integration and communication. In fact, it often seems that the world has eliminated its borders, at least in terms of information, spread and shared among various countries, cities and states.

Essentially speaking, we have already become more than accustomed to socializing via Skype, sharing our thoughts via Twitter, our photos - via Flickr, Tumblr or Instagram (I wonder why I’ve never written about it), our data – via 4shared, or any other file-storage service.

For now, apparently, we’ve got one more unique tool to socialize, and not only on the Web, but on the road trip (consequently, of course) as well. I’m talking about the newly-presented service - RideJoy, specifically designed to help people find the passangers or the drivers to organize the common roadtrip. As the authors claim, you won’t need to ask all of your friends (and prehaps, your friends’ friends) on FB, whether they’d share a journey with you, and you won’t need to travel alone any longer.

Well, to say, I was taken aback a bit at first, when I encountered RideJoy for the first time – it was, actually, rather hard to believe, that there had been thousands of similarly cheap and easy-to-use services before. That’s so, as the specific niche on the market it’s aimed to occupy is potentially very-very profitable, that is a great number of people would love to share a roadtrip with others. Well, there you go, we’ve now got RideJoy.

To start with, what I liked about the service is its incredible simplicity. You only need to enter the site of departure, place of destination and a desirable date to get the matching results. Moreover, it’s also simple and fast to log in via your FB or Twitter account and avoid the boring registration procedure. Excellent? Well, almost.

The thing is that as the service is rather young, it now only covers the West Coast of the USA, so if you live somewhere in the UK, or elsewhere, you won’t be able to use it. In addition to that, it won’t be suitable for conservative or cautious people, who still remember having been taught not to talk to strangers and aren’t interested in company of barely-known drivers or passangers.

At the same time, it might be considered a funny adventure option for those, who crave for something new and unusual in their lives. The only essential aspect they should keep in mind is the money, as with RideJoy most users prefer getting the payment, at least when they drive.

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  1. Hey Andy - thanks so much for posting about us! We're very excited by the opportunity to help people share rides - on the West Coast for now, but in the future, everywhere!

    Our drivers do like getting reimbursed for their vehicle operating expenses as you've mentioned and it's still generally more affordable than a flight or even a bus ticket. Additionally, our connection via Facebook (not yet Twitter as of Feb 2012) helps everyone feel more comfortable with each other before the trip.

    Thanks again for the post and good luck with everything!

    Jason - cofounder of Ridejoy.