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Design Gets into Limelight at Gojee

Naturally, the changes in the IT world are mostly continuous and totally inevitable. Some of these are relatively minor and mostly concern the shift of audience’s life interests (the shift of popularity between music and photo applications, for instance), whereas others are much more important, including the priority level of services’ design and functionality.

Essentially speaking, it’s been for long now that the functionality of a device or a service has been taken as the prior notion. Even though Apple has brought back the image-focused gadgets with their iPhones and iPads, no one would dare say those are inferior in functionality in any way.

As for the apps and services, the functionality remains at the top, leaving the design peculiarities behind. It would be basically enough to create a high-quality logo, select the colourscheme and the fonts, other that that, it’s vital to care about the features, in the first place.

At the same time, there can be distinguished a few exceptions of a rule, as a number of services have opted for making the service’s design its most efficient part. Among these, one of the recipe-sharing sites Gojee can be easily called the embodiment of great design solutions and exquisite style.

The overall delighted impression about Gojee is, perhaps, influenced by the initial purpose of its creation – sharing of recipes. In this respect, the full-screen background picture of dishes and drinks is what every visitor craves for, whereas the fast sliding bar enables to check the available variety of cooking instructions. At the same time, what Gojee lacks is, obviously, the powerful functional basis, as there’s neither a convenient search option nor the mere division of recipes into categories, for example.

For what it takes, the notion of balance appears to be the most valuable thing in the IT industry anyway. No matter if it is a gadget, an app or a service, it has good chances to become globally popular, as the grandees, e.g. Facebook, Google or 4shared, in case both the functional and the design aspects are taken care of.

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