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ThisLife: Do We Really Need More Photo-Sharing Options?

The reasons why we desperately need photo-hosting and sharing services can’t ever be disputed, that’s for sure. It’s not even about our natural desire to boast about our photographer talents all around the Web among people we know and those, who aren’t that lucky yet. Just picture the day when you’re phone suddenly deletes all photos or videos, which you’ve taken on it. It’s scary, isn’t it? Well, this is what photo-sharing services are about – to make your life simpler and calmer, at least as far as the safety of your digital masterpieces is concerned.

Logically, there have been introduced a lot of photo-hosting and sharing resources, like Tumblr or Flickr, not to mention Instagram (now owned by FB), which already have millions of users and devoted fans all over the world. Yet strangely, the new players on the market are continuously introduced to the public even now, though the current selection is more, than sufficient.

One of the mentioned services, for instance, is known to be called ThisLife and is specifically aimed at sharing photos and videos among the family members. In this respect, whereas it’s totally understandable, why the authors have launched it (to take the barely occupied market niche and earn some money), it’s still pretty hard to grasp, why ThisLife would attract the attention of millions.

It’d be, certainly, inappropriate to say that the service is 100% useless, as it features well-designed photo-album layout and the overall UI is rather convenient in usage. Yet, is it special? That’s the question. Likewise as its ancestors, ThisLife enables group sharing of photos, different view modes and the opportunity to upload versatile family videos as well. At the same time, the storage space for loads of supposedly funny stuff is limited, so you will have to pay to share more, than 1000 photos (that is use more than 5GB of space).

Moreover, there can also be a sort of hidden disadvantage both in ThisLife and the similar small or mid-sized photo-sharing services – data security. Even if you can believe in the fact that your password is never uncovered (as it happened with Dropbox users), who can guarantee that your photos won’t disappear, when the service becomes clearly unprofitable and is shut down?

Of course, we all decide for ourselves, which photo-hosting to use, and which not to. As for me, I belong to people, who prefer keeping all files at one hand, not remember numerous passwords. For those, like me, separate photo-sharing sites aren’t needed, especially if they use 4shared or any other file storage for saving and sharing data. 

Stay cool)

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