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Highlight App in the Limelight

It goes without saying that the variety of newly-appearing apps for different mobile OS’s is so striking today, that it can amaze even the most fastidious and picky users, including the helful and beneficial tools as well as fun entertainment options.

As for the latter case with apps for entertainment, the fresh newbie, created for iPhones and iPads, Highlight is seemingly a wonderful way to get acquainted with people around. At least, that’s how the authors of the application present their masterpiece to the public.

The essence of Highlight is crystal clear: you’ll get a notification with an automatically opened user profile, in case anyone standing/sitting near by is also registered in the app database. This profile will inform you, whether you have got anything in common, so that you can figure out some interesting topics for discussion with this very person. These, in particular, might include the common file storage, like 4shared, for instance, or the similar hobbies of yours. The suggestions might also comprise your common acquaintances or friends, if those are also registered users of Highlight.

Undoubtedly, Highlight is fun to try, and you’ll be shocked how really small the city or town you live in is. At the same time, it’s a bit weird to check the strangers’ profiles, just because you happen to use the same bus with them, for example. Moreover, I highly doubt that adequate people, having a normal life (and please, don’t ask me to define “normal”))) with sufficient number of friends will be ready to open all of their interests to public access of others on the street, in the transport, in the night club, or anywhere else.

Yet, Highlight is supposingly a good way to communicate with others, in case a person is too shy or unconfident in real life, as the application might appear to be a useful way to eliminate some of the social boundaries, in this respect.

In a whole, I’m absolutely sure of the fact that Highlight will be a huge success in the nearest future, as there’re a great number of people even just on the US territory, especially adolescents, who feel lonely or just love to gossip about some of their friends with others.

On the other hand, I don’t really think there’s a good reason for more or less mature adults to start using Highlight on a permanent basis (of course, we’re all curious to take a shot and try it for once just to check how it actually works). That’s, in fact, so as there’s always a chance to talk to someone you are acquainted with in person, via phone, SMS, Skype, Facebook or 4shared messaging (I’m not sure if other file storages provide this option to their users) without any additional apps. And may strangers remain just strangers, until you meet them for real.

Stay cool)

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