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Twixtor: Peculiar Video Software at Users’ Disposal

To be honest, I’ve never been a YouTube fan, in terms of creating thousands of funny or interesting videos of mine on a permanent basis and submitting them for other users’ review. At the same time, I frequently find it exciting to create a sort of video-greeting for my friends abroad, who I can share it with at 4shared (TG I am provided with enough space at my 4shared account).

Much because of that, I’m really interested in versatile video camera peculiarities as much as in specifically designed video software, which enables to make my digital masterpiece truly unique.
Having been for long accustomed to Sony Vegas Pro with its relatively convenient interface and a wide array of available functions, I’ve lately encountered one more service Twixtor that happens to be much more advantageous in creating slow-motion videos.

With provided motion control and management functionality, not to mention possibilities to modify motion sensitivity and frame interpolation, Twixtor appears to be a wonderful tool for everyone, who wishes to create various high-quality videos, especially with customized slow-motion and quick-motion parts.

As for Twixtor interface, it won’t be really hard to grasp, but much because of such numerous features, it’d be better to figure out their inns and outs in advance not to get confused. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials on the Web, explaining how this or that peculiarity of the service can be implemented to modify the already created video in the way you need to.

In a whole, I could tell you further, how useful and advantageous Twixtor surely is, but I won’t. It’s so, because, you should open it up yourself and start creating your own best videos, which would strike everyone.

Take it as a call to action;))

Stay cool

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