четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

Yoke – One More On-the-Spot Matchmaker

It goes without saying that people are all about socializing, and the speeding up popularity of social networks only proves this point. Here, in addition to online communication with our friends, colleagues or family members in Gmail, Skype, 4shared (don’t forget about the service’s option to send PM’s to your friends) and Facebook or Twitter, of course, most SM users tend to search for new friends on the Web as well. In fact, some of us, who are either too shy in real life, or don’t have enough time for meeting new people in person somewhere at the excibition, in a gym or even in a pub, get frequently prone to signing up for versatile matchmaking services as well. These are specifically designed to bring the new couples, usually from all over the world, together, and often require nothing, but your provided bio, photos and, certainly, time.

At one point the the dating sites have evolved to the integration into social media, like the famous and yet terribly annoying Badoo on Facebook, which is, besides, really hard to unsubscribe from, even though you didn’t even subscribe to it at all.

As for now, it’s about time the online matchmaking market was introduced with another player, the more upgraded application Yoke, recently presented for FB users. Having moved beyond the limits of an average dating service, the application does all work for you by collecting and comparing the info about your hobbies and interests with the facts that other users mention about themselves and makes a suggestion, that your match and you should start communicating. Not bad, ha?

Well, for those, who are interested in finding a couple online, Yoke can be considered an exciting option to try, but in general, it is still very similar to other, formerly-known matchmaking sites, just for lazier users, who don’t even want to type in the requirements for a possible soulmate into a search bar. Its significant peculiarity, at the same time, is related to the match being based on one’s interests, rather than a person’s appearance, hair cut, or else.

What is disappointing is that Yoke founders haven’t found it necessary to organize at least the minimum separate site for it, except for the FB page, offering you to start using the actual app and find out about its features during the alpha-test. In this respect, the service gets fewer chances to become noticeable and recognizable for users, especially if to consider its name. The thing is that, I have already encountered separate services, called YokeApp, Yoke Messenger, etc. which aren’t aimed at matchmaking at all. Undoubtedly, all of the mentioned factors can’t but take a toll on the app popularity, from my point of view.

Generally speaking, Yoke is seemingly one more toy for people, who get bored, or may be, wish to try something new in terms of online communication. Apparently, it can also become promising for lonely Web surfers, who can’t (or can’t stand)))) getting acquainted with people in person. Well, everyone deserves to be happy.

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