вторник, 13 марта 2012 г. Goes Beyond Limits

I have already written about in one of my previous posts, yet I find it highly essential to dedicate one more piece to the service, much because the recently introduced updates have caused large media coverage and attracted a great amount of attention from the side of users as well.

What I am actually talking about is the new available function, which enables to create your own inforgraphic, using an array of provided templates, not just upload your own pieces to the site’s database. Moreover, it’s likewise simple to either enter your own creadentials (for instance, in a Twitter-related infographic), but check the popular masterpieces, created on the basis of the same template as well.

One of the most essential advantages of the newly-offered feature is its being free for registered users, as virtually anyone interested can try his/her hand at building an certain inforgraphic. The only thing needed is to enter the required details and wait till the system generates it.

Moreover, what I really admire is the wide coverage of the great news in the media. Much due to this, even yesterday Twitter account was already full of users’ wishes for the best, versatile congrats and positive feedback.

At the same time, as with absolutely anything in our world, I have also encountered a few drawbacks in the feature. In particular, it took me quite a while to get the first infographic done, and the process is very vulnerable to short-term Internet coonection abrupts, at least this is what I have experienced during my alpha-test. Nonetheless, the site itself is loading in a normal way, despite the fact that a great number of users are presumably trying to open it simultaneously.

In a whole, I would also like to join the happy user community and wish all the best, as the company has really done a great job and put much time and efforts into developing more useful features and tools for its clients.

As for me personally, I will perhaps stay in the group of not-so-permanent users, even though I have already saved 2 of my infographics at my 4shared account. Who knows, may be I’ll find where to use those some day.

Stay cool)

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