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CloudFlare Widens Horizons for Sites' Improvement

Do you happen to own a site? Even if you don’t at the moment, you will, perhaps, get one, as long as you run the business of your own or are more or less interested in blogging, for instance.

The thing is that the boost in development of Internet technologies and the colossal growth of popularity of online resources force the businesses in almost every niche to maintain their presence on the Web.

Well, there you go. In case you have a business, you must have a site.

Yet, the maintenance of a site, especially if you wish to make it rich and bright in the interface and multifunctional,  is a far more complicated matter, than just the creation of one. In this respect, one of the fresh services on the market CloudFlare happens to offer convenient tool to protect and improve your site’s work.

One of the essential aspects, which CloudFlare enables you to upgrade, is the loading time of your site. It often happens so, that the large sites with complex graphics and sufficient amount of ad content load rather slowly, which irritates visitors and can even make them refuse to ever try the service again.

Well, as the creators of CloudFlare state, their featured optimizer can help your site load really fast, which is incredibly encouraging.

Another essential feature, offered by CloudFlare, is related to the site’s security. It is, actually, one of the most painful aspects of every site’s work, which can either benefit your reputation, or totally destroy it.  Much because of that, the majority of trustworthy companies pay much attention to proving their reliability and safety to clients.

As an example, I’ve recently found the news that 4shared established partnership with McAfee security company to double-check all files in their database. Not bad, or I’d say even grrrreat!

Back to what CloudFlare can provide you with in terms of security, the service enables you to detect hacker attacks, create block lists and trust lists for your visitors, etc. within convenient UI.

The last but not the least…

CloudFlare is also recognized to provide you with traffic analytics for your site, which is one of the most important aspects in terms of sites’ promotion.

Of course, you can stick to using Google Analytics, it won’t be a problem.

All things considered, CloudFlare is, undoubtedly, worth trying, especially if you need to make your site more reputable and popular among users.

Stay cool)

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