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OwnCloud – Peculiarities and Perspectives

Of course, the present-day diversity of cloud storage opportunities and the current number of versatile syncing services have already reached truly outrageous heights.

Well, apparently, the vast range of choice hasn’t scared fresh players in the field, as we have already been introduced the new cloud storage and syncing service ownCloud, which is, similarly aimed at making our life more convenient and enables to get quicker access to our data and synchronize the most essential stuff between our devices.


The benefits of ownCloud, in particular, are crystal clear. To start with, the solution is available for all platforms in customized formats; therefore you can select the most convenient one for you. Moreover, it is really multifunctional and enables you to upload, download, sync and share any of your files in a few clicks.

In addition to that, the interface is rather plain in design, which proves the point that usability is prior. The commercial solutions acquire the brighter UI pecualities, which have been, perhaps, added to make them more attractive to buyers. 


Undoubtedly, ownCloud isn’t perfect at all, much because it possesses one essential flaw. The thing is that you won’t be able to use it, unless you’re a pro user: to start working with ownCloud you should at first download .tar.bz2 package and be aware of how to use it further. The whole range of opened possibilities can hardly be understood by people, who aren’t used to programming, working with mySQL databases, PHP, etc., for instance. Therefore, the community of devoted fans of the service won’t probably include such a vast number of people, like the famous 4Sync has got, for example.

Besides, the free ownCloud enables you to get only 7GB of storage space, so the whole free 15GB from 4Sync are yet unbeatable. I heard the news about Dropbox offering simpler ways to get more free space, but as it turns out, these likewise presuppose sending invites to others. It’s really irritating, to be honest.

In a whole, what is unique about ownCloud is that it might be one more useful option at programmers’ disposal, yet, not the best variant for common usage, of course.

Stay cool)

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