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Codecademy Opens One More Door to Coding Secrets

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a programmer? I have never thought about such a perspective as a child, but having grown up I realized how interesting and profitable! it can be to be engaged in this niche.

Well, now that I have already become a developer myself I have never questioned the rightness of my former decision, but what about people, who have realized their pure desire to learn programming already being adults? Of course, it’s never late to learn.

Yet, what if you didn’t have a chance to go study in the university at the moment? The reasons may differ, in this respect, either you don’t have enough money to pay for studying, or you don’t have sufficient time to attend classes because of your full-time job. Are there any ways out to have the most convenient learning conditions? Yes, now there are.

People’s opportunity to acquire knowledge of programming or share the already possessed skills is actually the essence of a rather new service Codecademy, enabling to learn and practice Java programming without any payment. What is essential, the choice of language in Codecademy is absolutely justified, as it is now the most widely-used one in the creation of high-quality sites with the best graphics and the most intuitive UI (e.g. TechCrunch, Facebook, 4shared sites are created with the usage of Java). 

As for the specifics of the learning courses, here’s where the benefits for users continue. To start with, each and every exercise is provided with precise instructions, so that you don’t spend hours perusing the same passage for 1, 000 of times. Moreover, you can practice the newly-got knowledge right at the page, where the exercise is being explained with an ability to check FAQ’s, if you happen to be stuck at some point. In this respect, even if you can’t find the answer to your question, you’re free to post it in the section, so that it can be answered a bit later. To be honest, there’re a lot of questions, which haven’t yet been answered, but minor flaws are inevitable, I suppose.

In addition to that, every section of the course is finished with a particular number of points you receive and a sort of the award you also get. Of course, it’s not an actual prize, but works well as motivation.

And it isn’t the end… Codecademy also enables the users to apply for becoming a beta tester in versatile courses, no matter how much knowledge you already have. This might be really beneficial in terms of practicing acquired skills.

In a whole, of course, Codecademy isn’t enough for you to become a superprofessional in programming, but it is seemingly the perfect first step into the world of coding. Not bad, ha?

Stay cool)

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