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Monolith Takes Further Steps to Augumented Reality

It is now definite, that augumented reality segment goes into limelight of IT world as one of the most promising ones. Despite the fact, that the sector of the industry is relatively young, it has, undoubtedly, beome the new passion for a great number of reputable companies, engaged in IT.

Along with ambitious and well-promoted Google Project Glass, which has been recently officially presented to the open public, there has already been introduced another player, involved in augumented reality projects. In particular, I’m talking about a Croatian startup Monolith offering 3 serapate applications for advertisers, namely Monolith Wardrobe, Monolith Games and Monolith Objects.

In this respect, there can be distinguished several essential peculiarities of products, offered by Monolith, the first and the foremost among which is certainly, the uniqueness of the ideа in the essence of the engine. 

I’m sure that the majority of average users haven’t actually thought of using Kinect elsewhere, other than in their xBox, well, Monolith developers went further. Having built their applications on the basis of Kinect hardware, they have also added their exclusive software solution, enabling to create a movie-like advertising experience, achieving impressive results.

Here, the focus on advertising is, perhaps, another essential feature of Monolith products. Obviously, it’s rather about online and mobile ads being the most popular, effective and profitable ones at the moment, that the live ones. Relatively, innovative online ad platforms, like Epom, for instance, are now getting trendier and trendier today. Yet, the current tendencies doesn’t prove the death of live advertising, so the authors of Monolith have made the right decision to reanimate this niche of the market with their fresh and creative solutions.

In addition to that, what is also special about Monolith augumented reality advertising engine is that it has been founded not in the USA, which is frequently considered the epicenter of IT development, but in Croatia, that hasn’t yet got such reputation.

Does the apperance of Monolith mean that the vector of rapid IT development is moving from the US to Europe, considering that the already-mentioned platform Epom has been also started in Europe as well, namely Poland? In fact, it does more likely mean that the there will soon appear numerous regional IT centers all around the world, all being somewhat unique in their entity.

Well, we’ll see)

Stay cool)

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