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Google Drive – Expectations vs. Reality

It has finally happened; Google has officially launched its syncing service, Google Drive, which had been announced almost half a year earlier. Shortly after the release of GDrive, as it’s frequently called now, its features have been already described in details by a great deal of online tech portals.

With such a wide PR campaign in the media, GDrive should be not less, than a masterpiece, as one may think, right? At least, it should include incredible advantages in comparison with other services on the market. Yet...well, it’s doesn’t.

It would be inappropriate, or I even dare say wrong to state that Google Drive is full of drawbacks or is inferior to what the users have been offered by other IT companies before. The quality of the service is absolutely sufficient for usage, whereas the syncing speed can satisfy the preferences of an average user.

Moreover, what is also beneficial about GDrive is the total security of your data, supposedly guaranteed by the fact that Google is such a reputable corporation, that it just can’t possibly fail in keeping your files safe.

At the same time, there isn’t anything state-of-the art in the service, as many experts admit. It’s good, but it doesn’t have anything special to overcome the rivals. You only get 5GB for free, whereas the users of 4Sync still receive the whole 15GB of free space. It enables you to upgrade for a 25GB or a 100GB or even a 1TB package for a relatively small sum of money (only a $2,49 monthly fee for 15GB, for instance), but yet you have got to pay to expand your storage space.

It is surely crystal clear that you can’t but face the necessity to purchase a certain product, especially if it’s an exquisite one, but would you pay for a product, which can be got for free?

That is the question. 

Stay cool)

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