среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Image is Everything. Piccsy Causes Stir with its Pitchdeck

For what it takes, the current versatility of photo-oriented sites is absolutely stunning. Of course, there are the old-known rivals, like Flickr or Tumblr, offering users the possibility to create their own photo-blogs, browse others’ works, store and share their masterpieces with others. At the same time, an array of newbies, like Pinterest, or Imgur, for instance, is somewhat innovative, but their aim is pretty similar, being the global sharing of beautiful, funny or simply unusual photos.

Nonetheless, despite a wide range of useful and convenient features, available for users, most photo-hosting and photo-sharing apps and services don’t pay likewise as much attention to their own image, at least as far as their pitchdecks for investors are concerned. It is even better to put it this way: either they pay insufficient attention to those or just don’t show them publicly to users, so it’s hard to evaluate, how creative such pitchdecks, actually, are.

Anyway, there are freshmen on the photo-sharing market, like Piccsy, who have opted for public description of their benefits at the official site in the bright, colourful and, what is important, comprehensive pitchdeck, which overplays many of the popular pitchdeck templates.

It is not that there appears the instant desire to name Piccsy the top app among the others (I still can’t handle any service, except for 4shared, for storing and sharing all my files, including photos), but if I were a wealthy man, I would certainly think about investing in it.

As for average users, they will certainly appreciate the service that finds it essential to maintain its trustworthy and positive image.

All things considered,  there can be formulated some helpful advice for photo-oriented startups, or even any startups in general: as long as your business is still at the stage of its early development, don’t forget that your image is vitally important, so make sure that it’s the way you wish it to be. In this respect, your pitchdeck IS your image to a considerable extent, thus do everything to make it intelligible, creative and bright.

Oh…and stay cool)


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