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Can CitizenMade Satisfy our Hunger for Uniqueness?

It goes without saying that we all strive to be unique in our entity, tastes and preferences, even though we may show our conformist views openly. In this respect, the goods we purchase can also be taken as the reflection of our unique personality. Much because of this, customized products are recognized to be one of the most profitable niches on the retail market, including e-commerce field as well.

Nonetheless, online purchases of customized goods turn out to be a bit more complicated matter, much because users’ orders require the definition of numerous essential parameters beforehand. At least, this is how the things used to be like in the past until the brand-new service Citizen Made claimed to offer the most convenient solution, aimed at simplifying online purchases of customized goods.

What Citizen Made provides retailers with is the special software, which allows opting for certain characteristic features of goods, so that those will fit users’ tastes to the fullest.

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The solution, offered by Citizen Made, is, undoubtedly, beneficial for the majority of small and mid-sized e-commerce companies, which is, by the way, free for everyone’s usage. Supposedly, it should become a total must-have for online retailers, right? Now wait a minute…

Despite the fact, that the authors of Citizen Made state their service is free, they also mention that you are to pay them 2% of your earnings from every purchase made. Of course, it doesn’t look like a lot of money, yet if the goods you’re selling are pretty much expensive, you’ll have to count the actual sum you’ll have to give away.

Moreover, in spite of Citizen Made being rather helpful in making online purchases effortless, the first and the foremost thing is attracting more clients and users, who care more about their money security, than the convenience of e-commerce site UI.

In this respect, if you wish to maximize your profits, you should pay attention to placing one of the trustmarks to the site, like the one, provided by ITM Secure, for instance, and then try Citizen Made…or not. That is your own choice, actually.

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