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Successful Facebook IPO –What's Now

It would be too less to say that the whole world has been expecting FB IPO for quite a long time. This has become one of the most media-covered and discussed events in the global IT world with incredible amount of gossip regarding its possible results and consequences. Now that the IPO day has passed, the only thing left is to analyze.

To start with, although many skeptics had been questioning the high stock price before Facebook IPO started, the results of the offering have exceeded their expectations. With initially established stock price of $28-35, the eventual price of each stock on May, 18 reached $38, 37 at the closing point, whereas the very first part of them was sold for $42 each. In a whole, the overall capitalization of Facebook is now estimated at almost $104 billion.

What is essential, such successful results could even be better, perhaps, if to consider the technical hurdles during the day, which NASDAQ has already apologized for.

Guess what’s now?

Now that Mr. Zuckerberg has become a much wealthier man, it seems that Facebook has proven its reputation of the globally popular service, along with Google, and Twitter, and 4shared, and will certainly have a cloudless future, at least as far as the upcoming years are concerned.

As for the received money, the company has already claimed the focus-dimensions of further development, which the funds will be invested to. In particular, FB is planning to sustain and improve its positions in the mobile sector, not to mention the general technological innovations, expected to be added soon.

Undoubtedly, such plans for investments in this niche are 100% justified, as Facebook truly needs to develop its mobile sector to a considerable extent. The essential difficulty, in this respect, is related to the importance of monetizing the company’s audience via mobile ads, which aren’t now sufficiently profitable. Thus, the further strategy should definitely include the wider involvement of the audience, which would help maximize the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns.

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