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Ubokia & Its Reverse Sales – Possible Advantages

It’s been a tradition both in real-time and online retail industries to use the well-known working scheme in the business: a potential buyer checks the diversity of supply and selects the desirable goods. As for now, either because of the changed consumers’ preferences, or the growing competition on the market, there have already been presented fresh services with the so to say “reversed focus”.

Aiming to satisfy customers’ tastes and wishes to the fullest, an array of brand-new online retail services are offering their clients to post info about the goods they need and let the sellers contact them themselves. In this respect, one of the major rivals is recognized to be Ubokia, offering to simplify the search for a desirable product.

The essence of Ubokia is crystal clear: as a user, you get an opportunity to inform the sellers of what you wish to purchase by posting your WANTS, yet this is far not the only option to select from. It’s also possible to browse what other people’s wish to buy, or even sell something.

Moreover, the essential advantages of Ubokia lie in users’ ability to define versatile details, like the group of goods or the needed location, while browsing others’ WANTS, which makes the purchasing process even simpler.

For what it takes, Ubokia is seemingly a beneficial service for people, who are willing to purchase online, but aren’t willing to surf for the best offer for a long time. At the same time, it’s rather questionable, whether the site will become a global passion, as many of us don’t have enough time to wait, until the sellers send their offers.

As for the general outlook at the ideas, which Ubokia uses, these are, undoubtedly, advantageous both for buyers and sellers. No wonder that the similar ones have already been implemented in a large number of services, like social media sites, for instance. In particular, Facebook usually sends friend or article suggestions, whereas Twitter allows users to browse through trending topics at the site. Likewise, 4shared file storage enables you to check the top searches in various categories, so that you can find what you need easier.

Thus, all we can say now is: good luck, Ubokia, and thanks for your broad vision.

Stay cool)

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