вторник, 12 июня 2012 г.

United Online Buys SchoolFeed – Social Networks Prove Alive

Ok, if to be completely honest, I consider myself as one of the skeptics, who can’t wait for the moment of social networking sites’ decay. Yet, the current deals on the IT market somehow prove the pessimistic forecasts wrong.

It has already become clear that the populatity of SM monsters, like Facebook, for instance, won’t deteriorate at least in the nearest five years. Both the company’s purchases of Instagram & Glancee and the development of segmented FB apps for photos, videos, and so on, have sustained its top-position in the eyes of potential partners and users.

Moreover, it has recently become crystal clear that smaller social networks, which are likely to focus on specific audience, have also got their more or less prosperous future. In particular, the popular service SchoolFeed, offering users to browse through numerous uploaded yearbooks and find former school friends,  has been just bought by a large IT enterprise United Online (the parent company of Classmates and other services).

Why this deal is rather significant in terms of the social media perspectives is that United Online has apparently got plans for uniting the mentioned SchoolFeed with their own service Classmates to create one powerful social network out of two. Its functionality will certainly expand from simple browsing through versatile yearbooks or school alumni and will, perhaps, enable to back up the found friends’ photos somewhere else in the cloud, not just within users’ profiles.

Of course, it’s hard to predict, whether such function will really be implemented, but if it is, my personal preferences would go to 4shared. First of all, I’ve already got my account there and, secondly, because the amount of provided space and a wide range of disposible features are totally striking.

Well, we’ll see.

Stay cool)

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