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Will HR Industry Get Smarter with Smarterer?

Since hiring the best personnel is recognized to be one of the most important factors, if you wish to succeed in your business, no matter what industry you’re working in, various HR-focused services have also become highly popular on the market.

Most of these, like Jobvite, which simplifies the hiring process using referrals, social networks and even e-mails to invite a desirable talented candidate to a job interview, are oriented on finding the very best employees for the company, so that one would invest all his/her talent, creativity and efforts to make the enterprise prosper.

Other services, on the contrary, help acknowledge all possible pros and cons of the company that is going to offer you a job, or has already done that. Considering your future employer’s intentions to use all your creativity and efforts, as it’s been mentioned above, it would be great to find out, what you will gain instead (e.g. social bonuses, vacation, flexible working schedule or else). The most famous one among these is, undoubtedly, GlassDoor that helps you find out all about the “real company face”.

Moreover, there has recently been introduced one more HR-focused service, which would be potentially advantageous both to employers and employees, as far as its authors are sure of, - Smarterer.

For what is worth, Smarterer is really unique to a considerable extent, much because it uses a somewhat different approach, moving away from resumes, social media profiles and referrals to the professional skill tests as one of the most essential aspects in hiring a person.

One the one hand, such an innovative vision might be useful for HR managers, who are constantly looking for the fastest and the simplest ways to hunt the best of the best. Nonetheless, there are also quite a lot of drawbacks in Smarterer service. To start with, the skill quizzes presuppose timing for each question, so if you need do some thinking over the right answer, your chances to fail are rather high. Besides, the quizzes contain a limited number of questions, so even if you don’t know the answers to all of them, it can’t really prove the fact that you’re not a pro in the subject. Likewise, you can always guess them, so the quiz doesn’t fully show any of your skills.

Anyhow, it would be wrong to say that Smarterer is totally useless. You can check your skills at least just for yourself. At least, I’ve even saved several of screens with my results at my account at 4shared already to boast about how good I am, perhaps, in future. Fortunately, there’s still much space from 15 free 15GB left.

Stay cool)

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