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Dropbox Review - Expectations vs. Reality

As I have promised you yesterday, guys, I’m now ready to present you my full-size 2nd review of popular software, available for internet users.

Just to begin with, it hasn’t been a really hard decision to select the next product to check and share my personal impressions about it. The thing is that after I’ve found out all about 4shared Sync, I’ve decided to check if there’re any competitors in the relative niche of the market and have instantly come into Dropbox.

So, here it is.

1. I was really shocked how much is being said about Dropbox at various web sources…Really, Dropbox is here, Dropbox is there. Seems like the real purpose of its authors in to make the internet talk about it only, well, not mentioning Google, of course…Or may be even beat Google in its popularity? God knows, but as for me, nice try, guys, not more…
2. The official site of Dropbox looks nice, but what about the strange man in the promo-video? Seems, like the company’s designers didn’t spend much time, creating this character…lol.

3. Anyway, let’s download and install dropbox file, wow, I’ve been offered to use the tour.

Here, I’ve had quite the ambiguous impressions: on the one hand, it’s good that you can check the options available.

But, on the other hand the description is, in fact, too detailed (at least I got bored somewhere in the middle), it’s like they wish to throw the whole bunch of info on you right from the start, and what if I forget something in future, should I check the whole tour again? Well, come on, this sounds crazeee))))

4. All right, back to the essence of the process of synchronization. I have tried to sync my file in Dropbox folder. Ok, done, the text file have been synchronized.

5. Next step, let’s try something more massive, like my favorite game, for instance, Fallout: New Vegas.

Baaammm!! The sync process has failed. And I have found why: in turns out that you’re given only 2 GB dropbox free storage space. Haha, it’s like you’ve been shown a candy without the actual ability to eat it…very nice((.

6. Security. The company itself, of course, promises the highest levels of your files protection, yet, the news sources and the forums have revealed the opposite. Is it even possible that the large enterprise, claiming itself as a trustworthy one, allows such the huge bug in security? Not to sound very verbose, I’m now providing the link:

All in all, being objective, let’s check what we’ve got with Dropbox:

1. PR- too much.
2. Interface – ok.
3. Tours and guidelines – annoying.
4. Synchronization – ok.
5. Decent synchronization – absent (come on, 2 GB only for free users, you’ve got to be kidding!)
6. Security – doubtful.

It’s being often stated, that the quality is proven by actions, not by words…well, using the lyrics by Elvis, a little less conversation, a little more action, Dropbox…

Looking forward to read more exciting soft reviews of mine? Stay tuned, guys.


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  1. heh.. i hate this app too. anyway. maybe someone know alternative and tell me...