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Review of Music Apps for Android - DropTunes vs. 4shared Music

We all have mobile phones, don’t we? Well, I’m perfectly sure, that for those who are reading this blog, a mobile phone is, definitely, an absolutely normal thing in possession.

For me personally, a mobile phone has already become something more, than just a tool to call others, or exchange text messages, especially if to mind that my phone is a real smart-phone with internet access, a camera and a huge number of versatile apps, which are fun and useful at the same time.

Here, now matter what old-fashioned conservative people say, it’s more, than true, that the modern paste of life has already converted the vast majority of people into passionate smartphone fans, or at least their devoted users.

I wouldn’t dare, of course, discuss, which OS is better, as I’d have probably received thousands of nasty comments at once, no matter which platform I choose. Yet, today I’ve chosen to review apps for Android, just because I have got an Android phone myself and it was easier to test them.

Being a mid-pro Android app user, I’ve decided to start with the apps, which cover the basic needs of every person, who has decided to buy a smartphone with Android OS inside.

Let’s take listening to music, for instance.

Since even the older phone models often comprise plain players and an ability to listen to radio on the go, we, the smartphone users, are definitely searching for something more, than these average functions, to listen to our favorite tracks, whenever we wish to, at least without the necessity to use all storage space in your phone’s memory card.
Naturally, I’ve taken the most famous music apps in this respect, that is DropTunes and 4shared Music.


1. Interface. DropTunes interface is rather plain and very much similar to that of Dropbox, in light blue and white colors. It’s ok. - Free Image Hosting
2. Usability.

- I was pretty much disappointed to find that I had to open my phone’s browser, log in my Dropbox account, and only after that, I could start listening to music.

- All I could listen to was the music, already stored at my Dropbox account. Hmm, I only had like 10 tracks and that was it, so basically, you should think for 3-4 times before leaving your home, or office to sync all-all music, you might want to listen to.

- It hasn’t become less annoying, that all in all you get only 2GB space for all files. Basically, it’s like 1 more memory card, which can get full any second. Damn it.

- Track streaming speed was ok. At least those 10 tracks streaming of mine. No shuffle, no repeat. Have Clicked on Play – you can listen to the track. Have forgotten to click on Play – you can listen to silence.

4shared Music:
1. Interface. 4shared Music interface is different from the one, which 4shared has, it has taken Android green-black color-scheme, but the logo is recognizable definitely.

2. Usability.
- To start using 4shared Music, I had to download it on my phone from Android market. Luckily, the app isn’t large in size and is free for download. Yet, having installed it, I didn’t need to perform any actions, like browser opening, for example, I only needed to click on the app icon.
- Having logged in my 4shared account, I realized that the whole 4shared music database was at my disposal for streaming, not only my personal account. Great news!
- Track streaming speed was ok and the presence of Shuffle and Repeat buttons couldn’t, but make me happier.
- I’ve found a provided option to create playlists and add found tracks to them. Mooood’s rrrising up!!!
- I’ve found an option to save the playlists and tracks at my 4shared account and open any of the stored ones, anytime I want. Mooooood’s getting to its top!
- I’ve realized, that I could store a great deal of playlists, if I want, using my 15 GB free storage space, and manage tracks/playlists, like I need to. It Is Just Marvelous!!!

As usual, I’ve decided to compose a comparing chart to make the analysis clearer, emphasizing the seemingly better option in bold: - Free Image Hosting

Still, naturally, it’s you, who is in charge to decide, what to select for yourself.

Stay tuned,


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