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SugarSync Review - Which is the Best Sync Service?

For those, who’ve been missing my reviews, I’m sorry again for quite a delay, mostly influenced by daily routine stuff. Nonetheless, here I am now, back with the fresh ideas and a review to share with you.

To tell the truth, when I started my blog, I actually planned to jump from one kind of software to another, so that the whole bunch of newly-presented apps would be covered. Yet, having started with worlds’ famous sync services, I’ve decided that it would be better to finish with this niche of soft market to make the vision of this field clearer, and only after that move on to other one.

Having already posted 4shared Sync review and Dropbox review, I’ve chosen the third so-called “competitor’ and am now ready to present SugarSync review.

So, what is SugarSync?

1. To start with, I’ve visited official site of SugarSync and, if honestly, was a bit confused about such a huge number of tabs, lists of features, etc. The first-sight impression was that SugarSync can do everything. Nevertheless, having read the app features, I’ve found that the described functions are all quite similar, if not duplicated. Still, applauds to content-managers, they are very-very verbose.

2. Before I could, actually, download the app, I was asked to sign up as the new SugarSync user, and it was basically ok, though I had to provide my full name in addition to e-mail address. First thought: will they stock me now?))

3. Finally, I have reached the downloading part of the app, and it was a little odd, that the size of the SugarSync file, provided in instructions and the actual size of it were different. Hm, really, the company seems to be working on the government, so far).

4. The installation was ok, and didn’t really differ from other sync services, I’d already tried.

5. I managed to sync a few text files, some music and photos, yes, but, again, again there was a problem with downloading my favorite Fallout: New Vegas, it has turned out that the free SugarSync account allows to synchronize only up to 5 GB-sized files. RRR…that’s disappointing.

6. As for security, well as much as several days have past, I didn’t notice anyone steal my photos, or music. Good news? I hope so…

All in all, I’ve decided to compose a chart to compare the objective differences between the 3 competitors at the sync market and defined the most beneficial options in bold. Here, it is: - Free Image Hosting

Now, you can make your natural choice, guys.

See you soon with the upcoming reviews.


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  1. Thank you for review, the comparison table is well done. Actually, 4shared's winning situation is obvious for me ;)

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