вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

Storage Wars – Will Spam Help Dropbox to Win?

You know, how it happens sometimes, you’ve got some idea, stuck in your head, and it’s officially impossible to get it out of your brain. It’s usually the curiosity, causing your sleep deprivation, until the matter of your interest gets clearer.

That’s what has happened with me and PR of Dropbox on the web. Really, can you get, how even the most creative and initiative marketing team of the company reach such results, that it seems that the whole global internet network is full of dropbox, dropbox here, there, anywhere.

At first, I really thought these PR-managers just new some hidden ancient secrets, how to spread huge amount of information around the world in several seconds. But, having surfed through various resources, I’ve come across stunning facts.

It’s not that I don’t admire companies, wishing to take all possible benefits from the side of their users…, but it was the immense disappointment to find out, that Dropbox doesn’t have any troubles manipulating and taking advantage of their clients.

Anyway, it is how it is: you can get additional 250 MB storage space, if you share Dropbox links and people register at Dropbox via these links.

Surprising, ha? I have heard of many Affiliate Programs, involving link sharing, but come on, they pay you money, not some tiny pieces of space....

Moreover, isn’t it a bit humiliating for the loyal users to act like spammers and place these links all over the social media, like Twitter, for instance, sometimes even begging their followers to help them get the space. - Free Image Hosting

I don’t really believe in global justice for everybody, but as for me, this is rather a matter of ethics and the respectful attitude towards the users from the side of the company, which should definitely mean much…

Dropbox should, perhaps, monitor other sync services practice, like that one of 4shared Sync, for example, providing much more space (15GB) for free without any conditions…

This is it for today

C ya soon, guys)

Stay cool

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