среда, 20 июля 2011 г.

Top Social Networks – Rumours, Expectations and Plans

What can’t be doubted is that the modern world is all about communication. We talk in real life, exchange messages, speak on the phone and, of course, chat online. Here, since the recent swell of innovative internet technologies, it’s definitely the virtual communication, which rules both in business and personal relationships.

Yet, unlike the past years, when the appearance of versatile messengers seemed to be a real revolution, the latest stunning fame, actually, goes to social networks, which have become more, than a simple finder of your old friend, but rather an amazing mix of advertising, data exchange and the huge storage of files, not to mention daily communication between users.

It has already become obvious, that although the current statistics shows a bit of decrease in popularity of the largest social networks, their essentiality in different spheres of life isn’t likely to decline in the upcoming decades at least. Much because of that, all modern software grandees are now striving to join the global social network community not only to keep their reputation of being innovative, but to use the chance of earning money in such a way. Only the most naïve of all the naïve still don’t get that it’s all about money, after all)).

Anyway, you all probably remember the incredible amount of fuss with the release of Google+ lately, even though the service isn’t still working for 100%. And now, guess what? Rumour has it, that the next player on the social network market is going to be Microsoft.

And even though the managers try to look natural, when lying that the info leak has nothing to do with reality, at least for today, the news has spread in seconds.

I was shocked too, when heard it, as it’s really hard to predict, if they will be able to create something really special for users, or will just present the mediocre site with all standard features. But for now, they have managed to make people curious, and, surely, have increased the total cost of the company, well, yeah, as I’ve said, it’s all about money.

Then, a thought suddenly flashed in my mind: what if the huge file-sharing sites also introduced their own social service? Really, hm, let’s take any of them, which has millions of users, like 4shared, for example. At the moment, the number of people, possessing accounts at, has reached 15,000,000. Let’s magine, that the company launches its social network…They will get at least several million users in a day or two, not to mention the new ones. And the popularity, I guess, that the popularity of 4shared will become not just global, like it is now, but totally universal.

Well, again, we’ll see…But the upcoming perspectives are great, that’s true.

Stay cool, guys)

вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

Storage Wars – Will Spam Help Dropbox to Win?

You know, how it happens sometimes, you’ve got some idea, stuck in your head, and it’s officially impossible to get it out of your brain. It’s usually the curiosity, causing your sleep deprivation, until the matter of your interest gets clearer.

That’s what has happened with me and PR of Dropbox on the web. Really, can you get, how even the most creative and initiative marketing team of the company reach such results, that it seems that the whole global internet network is full of dropbox, dropbox here, there, anywhere.

At first, I really thought these PR-managers just new some hidden ancient secrets, how to spread huge amount of information around the world in several seconds. But, having surfed through various resources, I’ve come across stunning facts.

It’s not that I don’t admire companies, wishing to take all possible benefits from the side of their users…, but it was the immense disappointment to find out, that Dropbox doesn’t have any troubles manipulating and taking advantage of their clients.

Anyway, it is how it is: you can get additional 250 MB storage space, if you share Dropbox links and people register at Dropbox via these links.

Surprising, ha? I have heard of many Affiliate Programs, involving link sharing, but come on, they pay you money, not some tiny pieces of space....

Moreover, isn’t it a bit humiliating for the loyal users to act like spammers and place these links all over the social media, like Twitter, for instance, sometimes even begging their followers to help them get the space. - Free Image Hosting

I don’t really believe in global justice for everybody, but as for me, this is rather a matter of ethics and the respectful attitude towards the users from the side of the company, which should definitely mean much…

Dropbox should, perhaps, monitor other sync services practice, like that one of 4shared Sync, for example, providing much more space (15GB) for free without any conditions…

This is it for today

C ya soon, guys)

Stay cool

пятница, 15 июля 2011 г.

Review of Music Apps for Android - DropTunes vs. 4shared Music

We all have mobile phones, don’t we? Well, I’m perfectly sure, that for those who are reading this blog, a mobile phone is, definitely, an absolutely normal thing in possession.

For me personally, a mobile phone has already become something more, than just a tool to call others, or exchange text messages, especially if to mind that my phone is a real smart-phone with internet access, a camera and a huge number of versatile apps, which are fun and useful at the same time.

Here, now matter what old-fashioned conservative people say, it’s more, than true, that the modern paste of life has already converted the vast majority of people into passionate smartphone fans, or at least their devoted users.

I wouldn’t dare, of course, discuss, which OS is better, as I’d have probably received thousands of nasty comments at once, no matter which platform I choose. Yet, today I’ve chosen to review apps for Android, just because I have got an Android phone myself and it was easier to test them.

Being a mid-pro Android app user, I’ve decided to start with the apps, which cover the basic needs of every person, who has decided to buy a smartphone with Android OS inside.

Let’s take listening to music, for instance.

Since even the older phone models often comprise plain players and an ability to listen to radio on the go, we, the smartphone users, are definitely searching for something more, than these average functions, to listen to our favorite tracks, whenever we wish to, at least without the necessity to use all storage space in your phone’s memory card.
Naturally, I’ve taken the most famous music apps in this respect, that is DropTunes and 4shared Music.


1. Interface. DropTunes interface is rather plain and very much similar to that of Dropbox, in light blue and white colors. It’s ok. - Free Image Hosting
2. Usability.

- I was pretty much disappointed to find that I had to open my phone’s browser, log in my Dropbox account, and only after that, I could start listening to music.

- All I could listen to was the music, already stored at my Dropbox account. Hmm, I only had like 10 tracks and that was it, so basically, you should think for 3-4 times before leaving your home, or office to sync all-all music, you might want to listen to.

- It hasn’t become less annoying, that all in all you get only 2GB space for all files. Basically, it’s like 1 more memory card, which can get full any second. Damn it.

- Track streaming speed was ok. At least those 10 tracks streaming of mine. No shuffle, no repeat. Have Clicked on Play – you can listen to the track. Have forgotten to click on Play – you can listen to silence.

4shared Music:
1. Interface. 4shared Music interface is different from the one, which 4shared has, it has taken Android green-black color-scheme, but the logo is recognizable definitely.

2. Usability.
- To start using 4shared Music, I had to download it on my phone from Android market. Luckily, the app isn’t large in size and is free for download. Yet, having installed it, I didn’t need to perform any actions, like browser opening, for example, I only needed to click on the app icon.
- Having logged in my 4shared account, I realized that the whole 4shared music database was at my disposal for streaming, not only my personal account. Great news!
- Track streaming speed was ok and the presence of Shuffle and Repeat buttons couldn’t, but make me happier.
- I’ve found a provided option to create playlists and add found tracks to them. Mooood’s rrrising up!!!
- I’ve found an option to save the playlists and tracks at my 4shared account and open any of the stored ones, anytime I want. Mooooood’s getting to its top!
- I’ve realized, that I could store a great deal of playlists, if I want, using my 15 GB free storage space, and manage tracks/playlists, like I need to. It Is Just Marvelous!!!

As usual, I’ve decided to compose a comparing chart to make the analysis clearer, emphasizing the seemingly better option in bold: - Free Image Hosting

Still, naturally, it’s you, who is in charge to decide, what to select for yourself.

Stay tuned,


четверг, 14 июля 2011 г.

Hacker Attacks and Scamming: Who Will Survive?

Before writing my next soft review, I’ve decided to make the post, which is definitely very much related to IT technologies and internet as a whole – hacking and scamming.

Naturally, the web-industry has already faced huge hacker attacks, which proves the fact that even the government security system can fail. Yet, the latest statistics reveals quite stunning tendency, in terms of what kind of targets the modern hackers usually choose for themselves. In particular, it’s the newly-appeared hacktivizm, referring to hacker attacks, influenced by particular people’s social and political views, which is likely to overrate other kinds of hacking.

As for me, it’s mostly the lack of interest from the side of experienced hackers to break down versatile security codes just like that, without any large-dimensional aim in their minds. It has become the idea, not the money, which prevail, as you can now easily earn the money, in case you’re an IT pro. At the same time, it’s the desire to show one’s personal opinion publicly, concerning some essential events by means of attacking the government-supported site, for instance.

The appearance of WikiLeaks and its being unaccepted by official authorities, has, obviously, increased the number of world’s hacktivists, but it’s still hard to predict, how the events will develop in future.

As from my point of view, it’s hard to support these guys, as they’re not, actually, changing anything, but are rather showing off their skills. Still, there’s one positive aspect in this situation: it’s not the regular citizens and web users, who should now worry more).

On the other hand, is it true, that we, belonging to the average, can be absolutely confident, that there’s no more danger to our files now?

Unfortunately, we’re not, mostly because the number of internet frauds and spammers hasn’t really decreased. It’s not really pro-hacking, but is equally dangerous for you, and me.

Have you ever heard of what is Phishing, for instance? These guys implement their ingenious skills to send you a fake e-mail, as if from one of the reliable world’s companies, so that you’ll be willing to share some of your passwords, if being asked to enter them.

Or lottery and internet auction scamming? It’s far easier to yield a temptation to believe, that you’ve finally become that lucky one to win a huge price, than you can even imagine. In several seconds you find yourself ready to pay minute shipping fee, which can’t even be compared to the fortune you’re “going to get”.

Or credit card info stealing at some online shops? It’s seemingly even more frustrating….

But whereas in first 2 cases it’s only you, who should think twice before entering a password, in case with online shopping, it’s actually possible to prevent yourself from losing money in vain. That’s so as the respectable online shops now tend to order versatile data security certification, and place the certificate at their site’s interface, so that the user can be sure, that his/her money is safe, like ITM Secure, for instance.

At least some relief, I guess.

Anyway, stay reasonable and attentive, guys.

C ya soon, the new soft review is coming tomorrow.


вторник, 12 июля 2011 г.

SugarSync Review - Which is the Best Sync Service?

For those, who’ve been missing my reviews, I’m sorry again for quite a delay, mostly influenced by daily routine stuff. Nonetheless, here I am now, back with the fresh ideas and a review to share with you.

To tell the truth, when I started my blog, I actually planned to jump from one kind of software to another, so that the whole bunch of newly-presented apps would be covered. Yet, having started with worlds’ famous sync services, I’ve decided that it would be better to finish with this niche of soft market to make the vision of this field clearer, and only after that move on to other one.

Having already posted 4shared Sync review and Dropbox review, I’ve chosen the third so-called “competitor’ and am now ready to present SugarSync review.

So, what is SugarSync?

1. To start with, I’ve visited official site of SugarSync and, if honestly, was a bit confused about such a huge number of tabs, lists of features, etc. The first-sight impression was that SugarSync can do everything. Nevertheless, having read the app features, I’ve found that the described functions are all quite similar, if not duplicated. Still, applauds to content-managers, they are very-very verbose.

2. Before I could, actually, download the app, I was asked to sign up as the new SugarSync user, and it was basically ok, though I had to provide my full name in addition to e-mail address. First thought: will they stock me now?))

3. Finally, I have reached the downloading part of the app, and it was a little odd, that the size of the SugarSync file, provided in instructions and the actual size of it were different. Hm, really, the company seems to be working on the government, so far).

4. The installation was ok, and didn’t really differ from other sync services, I’d already tried.

5. I managed to sync a few text files, some music and photos, yes, but, again, again there was a problem with downloading my favorite Fallout: New Vegas, it has turned out that the free SugarSync account allows to synchronize only up to 5 GB-sized files. RRR…that’s disappointing.

6. As for security, well as much as several days have past, I didn’t notice anyone steal my photos, or music. Good news? I hope so…

All in all, I’ve decided to compose a chart to compare the objective differences between the 3 competitors at the sync market and defined the most beneficial options in bold. Here, it is: - Free Image Hosting

Now, you can make your natural choice, guys.

See you soon with the upcoming reviews.


среда, 6 июля 2011 г.

Dropbox Review - Expectations vs. Reality

As I have promised you yesterday, guys, I’m now ready to present you my full-size 2nd review of popular software, available for internet users.

Just to begin with, it hasn’t been a really hard decision to select the next product to check and share my personal impressions about it. The thing is that after I’ve found out all about 4shared Sync, I’ve decided to check if there’re any competitors in the relative niche of the market and have instantly come into Dropbox.

So, here it is.

1. I was really shocked how much is being said about Dropbox at various web sources…Really, Dropbox is here, Dropbox is there. Seems like the real purpose of its authors in to make the internet talk about it only, well, not mentioning Google, of course…Or may be even beat Google in its popularity? God knows, but as for me, nice try, guys, not more…
2. The official site of Dropbox looks nice, but what about the strange man in the promo-video? Seems, like the company’s designers didn’t spend much time, creating this character…lol.

3. Anyway, let’s download and install dropbox file, wow, I’ve been offered to use the tour.

Here, I’ve had quite the ambiguous impressions: on the one hand, it’s good that you can check the options available.

But, on the other hand the description is, in fact, too detailed (at least I got bored somewhere in the middle), it’s like they wish to throw the whole bunch of info on you right from the start, and what if I forget something in future, should I check the whole tour again? Well, come on, this sounds crazeee))))

4. All right, back to the essence of the process of synchronization. I have tried to sync my file in Dropbox folder. Ok, done, the text file have been synchronized.

5. Next step, let’s try something more massive, like my favorite game, for instance, Fallout: New Vegas.

Baaammm!! The sync process has failed. And I have found why: in turns out that you’re given only 2 GB dropbox free storage space. Haha, it’s like you’ve been shown a candy without the actual ability to eat it…very nice((.

6. Security. The company itself, of course, promises the highest levels of your files protection, yet, the news sources and the forums have revealed the opposite. Is it even possible that the large enterprise, claiming itself as a trustworthy one, allows such the huge bug in security? Not to sound very verbose, I’m now providing the link:

All in all, being objective, let’s check what we’ve got with Dropbox:

1. PR- too much.
2. Interface – ok.
3. Tours and guidelines – annoying.
4. Synchronization – ok.
5. Decent synchronization – absent (come on, 2 GB only for free users, you’ve got to be kidding!)
6. Security – doubtful.

It’s being often stated, that the quality is proven by actions, not by words…well, using the lyrics by Elvis, a little less conversation, a little more action, Dropbox…

Looking forward to read more exciting soft reviews of mine? Stay tuned, guys.


вторник, 5 июля 2011 г.

A bit about Google

To start with, I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted at list smth during the whole week, or even more. The thing is that when you have that much of fever and sore throad as I have, it's pretty hard to write something... or even do something.

Thanks to higher powers, or good doctors, or both, I'm fine now and perfectly ready to impress you with stunning reviews of the most popular software, available for users.

But just for right now, I wonder if you have heard of the latest project by Google - Google+?

As for me, they have really made the intrigue about the service on the web...invites, everybody seems to be crazeeee about getting the invite).

Good news! I have already joined it, and you know what, just for now, it's hard to say, if the guys will really manage to beat FB in popularity, though the ambitions are obvious. Well, we'll see.

But do you know the funniest thing about all that? Guess, who has already gained the largest number of followers?

Well, according to TechCruch, it's Mark Zuckerberg, the author of FB. They really don't lie, saying that life is full of amusing things))

This is it for today, guys, but I promise to get back to you tomorrow with a VERY interesting review!)

Stay cool,