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A bit about My Mobile Memory and Free File-Hosting

Ugh, it’s been almost 2 weeks, since I’ve written my last post, guys, and I’m so-so-so sorry for being an ass and leave you for such a long time.

Of course, as always, I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve had the best vacation in my life, all spent at one of the most amazing seashores in the whole world. For those, who are interested in where exactly I’ve been, I can reveal this secret, Cuba, Cuba, Cuba.

Whereas my friends are now watching the craziest photos in my camera and tasting the cigars, that I’ve brought them, I have some time to share if not the review, but a sort of my attitude to one of the points in the magical digital world of software.

To be honest with you, guys, it’s been a long time, since I’ve become the owner of an Android smartphone, yet, I’ve always been worried that the amount of storage space in it will never be enough for me, and the next photo, which I’m gonna take, will definitely become the last one on my memory card, or even, that I’ll have to delete some of the photos before saving this one. Well, not this exact one, of course, as this very one, the potential photo-masterpiece is so unique, that it’s just impossible to capture something, likewise amazing.

I used to count Megabytes left in my phone memory and my memory card space for quite a while, before I realized it couldn’t last longer, or better to say, it shouldn’t last longer.

That was the day when I’ve come across the file-hosting services to keep files and hand and access them anywhere without a necessity to store them on my Android phone.

For what it takes, since the very first acquaintance, I’ve tried a great deal of various file-hosting sites, from MegaUpload and RapidShare to 4shared and Turbobit, for instance.

All of them, surely, have their own benefits (though 15GB space from 4shared is more, than good for a lame free user, like me, who’d rather kill himself, than pay for a service))).

Yet, I was pleasantly surprised, when I’ve found a featured 4shared app for my Android phone. Really, at first it seemed, like a very good joke, that I no longer had to open my browser, enter the addresses and log in again and again to use my account at a file-hosting site. But having downloaded the app, oh, btw, I forgot to tell you what it’s called, 4shared Mobile Android, I’ve found that it’s just a good way to get to your files without unnecessary efforts.

Till now, I’ve just got one more folder in my Android phone, though this folder is, probably, larger, than all my other folders, which I used to have in the past.

Anyway, again, it’s none of my business, of course, but can you imagine, how convenient it would be, if all competitors on the market followed this good example of 4shared?

Stay tuned, guys

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