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In Search of Perfect Free File-Sharing: Win vs. Fail

As I was always saying, it’s the file-hosting and file-sharing sites turn out to solve the problem with storing your info, it’s true, and that’s, probably, the major reason, why I’m still in a constant search of what might be called the perfect service.

You, probably, wonder about the features, which the “perfect” file-sharing service should possess. Well, these are: its being free, large amount of storage space, data security and convenience in usage. Of course, the more additional features the file-sharing site will have, the better, but the mentioned core 4 aspects are ultimately important.

To be honest, I have already tried a great number of, as they call them, cloud storages, like Dropbox, SugarSync,, etc. and till recently I’ve been confident that no one can beat 4shared in terms of its simplicity in usage and the provided free storage space.

Yet, during one of the latest surf-sessions on the Web, I’ve encountered another file-storage service, namely, which claims to offer each free user the whole 50GB space for various files. Was I shocked? Hell yeah, that seemed to be a real treasure to find!!

I rushed to try, became a registered user and was almost ready to start uploading all my essential files there, when I found a little remark, which has, unfortunately, become a huge disappointment. The thing was that despite the advantageous 50GB, available to free users, the service doesn’t provide you with high-level security of your stored data, if you don’t buy Premium. Gee, why to save anything at your account in such a case? If I wanted to risk my files, I wouldn’t even bother to keep them at a remote file-hosting site.

It’s hard to say anything else, except for the fact, that so far 4shared is still at the top of my rating, with its 15GB free storage space, offered anti-virus protection of all files and the easy-to-use multifunctional interface.

At least there’s one option, but why not give us more, ha?

Stay aware, stay cool, guys)


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