вторник, 30 августа 2011 г.

Samsung Phone Service ChatOn vs. GroupMe - Who’s the Best?

I’ve already expressed my public blog-opinion, concerning the purchase of GroupMe by Microsoft, and just a little time after we’ve got the newest news (sorry for the repeatition, but how would YOU call it?)))).

Anyway, how do you like the fact that Samsung has officially claimed the company’s short-term plans to launch a cross-platfrom chat service ChatON, which is stated to support not only Bada and Android, but the likewise famous Blackberry and iOS operating systems? I was really taken aback when I read about this, cuz it means, that Samsung has giant ambitions, in terms of becoming the top-company on the smartphone market in the nearest future.

It seems rather obvious, in this respect, that the enterprize has openly declared the soon release of ChatON now, when the largest rival, Apple has just lost one of its key-players, Steve Jobs, and Microsoft hasn’t yet offered anything, regarding its innovative products, and tends to talk much more, than to act.

With the revelation of such gigantic plans, Samsung has once again maintained its reputation of the company offering stylish and useful devices to their users, after the release of its newest Samsung Galaxy II tablet with …ughm… LOADS of apps on the board, from the updated Adobe Player and 4shared Mobile Android to convenient file-managers and all Google mobile services.

Here, the only more or less predictable event is, perhaps, the upcoming news about Google brand-new cross-platform chat service, which will include all-all-all possible default apps and features in it.

If the story is going to develop in such a way, the only logical outcome will be the reduction in the number of Microsoft users on the smartphone and tablet market to a dramatic extent, as the majority of people would prefer “Samsung”and “Google Plus Motorola” Android devices to the much less convenient Windows Mobile phones, for instance.

But, you know what, these are only predictions, and how it will happen – nobody knows yet…

We’ll see)

Stay cool)

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