среда, 17 августа 2011 г.

Microsoft plus Skype, Google plus Motorola - Who's gonna be next?

This year is, undoubtedly, impressive, in terms of huge deals on the software market. So impressive, that it’s hard to imagine, what company is gonna be sold next.

After Microsoft had purchased Skype, I was ready to react normally towards any other massive deal, no matter what the future one might be about. And yet, the recent news about Google buying Motorola Mobility was more, than shocking, and I guess I wasn’t the only one taken aback, having heard it.

It’s true that current competition between the major rivals in the industry is getting gradually intense these days, and it’s hard to tell, who’s gonna reach the top of popularity among the users, especially concerning the fact, that most people are now searching not only for the best-quality services, but a sort of uniqueness in every program, application or device, they’re ready to buy.

In this respect, my shock about the purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google isn’t really justified, ‘cause the smartphone market is, probably, the most demanded and appealing one today. Here, according to Google speakers:
"the current number of Android phones is about 150 million items with more, than 500,000 of them being bought each day"
... so the perspectives of developing Android mobile devices are seemingly more, than flourishing.

What to expect?

Undoubtedly, Microsoft will continue putting huge efforts in trying to beat their competitors with the new modified versions of their Windows Mobile, whereas Apple will, perhaps, get to creating the thinnest (or even almost invisible, haha)) or the elastic iPhones. As for Android-based smartphones, the plans are much more variable. Even though Motorola has lately faced some financial problems in their business, they have managed to develop and improve Android OS to a crazy extent, and with all the Google mobile powers and tools, now available for the former Motorola Mobility, I’ve got no doubt, that the Android smartphones have all chances to become the users’ favorites in the nearest future. Not only will they have the most innovative inserted mobile Google gadgets, but, probably, the stunning designs as well to become the perfect devices for people, searching for fashionable multifunctional items.

Being an Android fan myself, I hope that the further development of the OS will lead to creating even more useful and bright applications from the grandees, offering the best Android apps 2011, like Dolphin, Andry Birds, 4shared (both Mobile and 4shared Music), Forsquare, or Evernote, for instance, and others.

Anyway, as always, we’ll see, how it will work.

Stay cool, guys)

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