четверг, 25 августа 2011 г.

Steve Jobs and Apple – The End?

Have you heard the news? Well, if not, I’ll tell you now: Steve Jobs Apple CEO has officially declared his retirement from the company.

I’d say, it’s a disaster, but it’s seemingly even worse.

Why so? For those, who don’t remember how it all ended the last time Mr.Jobs left Apple for some time, I’ll remind you. Those were the times, when the company’s sales dropped to a considerable extent, and the doubts about the cloudless future of iProducts first appered among the experts.

What’s now?

Even though, Microsoft is desperately trying to get to the top of users’ popularity ratings, its chances to beat Google are vaguer, than ever, as the latter is always several steps ahead (with its Google+ and Motorola Mobility purchase).

As for the perspectives of Apple on the market, I can’t even say, what my predictions are, as there’s, certainly, a possibility that the new CEO Tim Cook will be as talended, as his forerunner, but Steve Jobs is, undoubtedly, much more, than just a talented man. His charisma has become one of the key-factors in creating Apple’s image of the most innovative company in the world. It’s much due to his efforts, that the enterprise has become the most expensive one in the industry now.

It’s almost the same as with Mark Zuckerberg being the embodiment of Facebook, or Einstein’s being the best of the best in Theory of Relativity.

Anyway, guess the retirement of Steve Jobs is the beginning of the end of the personalized companies’ era. It will, probably, become more usual in future, that the software rivals will not be associated with epic people, but rather with epicly essential services, they provide us with, like the security of our digital data, the convenience of apps’ and gadgets’ usage.

Even for now, do we know, who the head of Motorola Mobility is? - No. Do we know the owners of grandees on the free file-sharing market, like RapidShare, 4shared or MegaUpload? - No. Though, it goes without saying that their CEOs are not less talented, than Mr.Jobs, for instance.

Yes, it’s the end of the era, guys. Hopefully, the new epoche won’t be disappointing for us, the software users.

We’ll see.

Stay cool)

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