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Tablets, Tablets, Tablets….

Since the latest news about Steve Jobs Apple CEO decision to retire from his job (haha, sounds a bit funny, Mr. Jobs leaving the best of his jobs), I’ve decided to go deeper in my predictions about the development of smartphone and tablet industry, and try to figure out, who’s gonna be at the top in the nearest future.

Whereas the newly-created smartphones get more and more incredible with every new version release, the notion of tablets is rather new to the majority of consumers, a) because they’re still too expensive for an average user b) people don’t find them vitally necessary for work or entertainment (though mainly because of reason a)). Nonetheless, the popularity of iPads and other tablets is gradually growing, and the perspectives are seemingly flourishing as well. Here, the essential question is: who has chances to become the best in this field?

Of course, iPads II are now the most famous and spread among the users worldwide. And you have, probably, heard some bizarre storied about the boy in China, or Korea, who have even sold his kidney to be able to buy the device, which is crazy, but somehow seems rather plausible.

Still, as I’ve already told you, I’ve got some doubts about Apple with their newly-introduced CEO Tim Cook, simply because it’s yet hard to imagine the company’s plans after Steve (sorry, Mr.Jobs for calling you like that). In this respect, some, so-to-say, iRivals on the market have a possibility to maintain and improve their positions in the times of intense, or better to say, harsh competition.

Who are they?

samsung galaxy 10 tab

It’s true, that every reputable software company has already started developing their own versions of Apple tablet, which would be likewise stylish, and yet, likewise multifunctional. However, till now, Samsung has, perhaps, become the only company to create the device, which can compete with famous Apple gadgets.

In particular, they have lately released the new dual-core Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a modified and upgraded tablet with the larger screen and great number of default programs and apps included. Among these, the most useful are, from my point of view, Google Mobile Services, the new version of Adobe Flash Player, and the default 4shared Mobile for Android app, which seems to be essentially important for people, like me, needing much space for all files, like music, photos, and docs.

Although, I haven’t tried the new, as they claim, miraclous tablet by Samsung yet, I guess, it can really be called a decent competitor for iPad II, due to its functionality and look, in the first place.

Hopefully, more and more useful apps, will be also presented to us soon, but….

…we’ll see.

Stay cool)

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