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Dropbox Updates Make You Laugh

As a prologue to this post, I’d like to say that I can’t stop laughing at the whole “11.11.11” fever and still can’t really get, why people worldwide go crazy about all this number-stuff. Are really such dates memorable? Perhaps, they are, but only if something memorable happens during the day, am I right? What if you’ve got your 1st child born on November, 10, 2011? Would you even pay attention to 11.11.11? Guess, not.

Conclusion: it’s not the date or time, which matters, it’s rather about the events or people who make you value this or that day.

Well, that was just a laughing user’s remark.

Now let’s get to more serious things, which yet can make you laugh even more. In particular, I’m talking about the recently watched interview of Dropbox CEO Mr. Houston, who was talking of completely useless things with the most serious face ever.

For the record, I’m not aiming to insult anyone, especially Mr. Houston, I’m sure that he’s a smart man and a highly-qualified specialist in his field. Though, his above-mentioned interview can evoke nothing, but laughing from my side, really.

The thing is that Mr. Houston was speaking about the upcoming Dropbox updates and dared to state that the service is not about the files in the first place anymore, as it gonna become much more in the nearest future.

I certainly agree with the fact that the upgrades are more, than necessary in every service, if the company’s interested in maintaining its reputation and revenue. Nevertheless, in the case with Dropbox updates, they should be really useful.

And saying that the backup service shouldn’t be a folder also sounds a bit confusing. I’ve always been a sort of a naiive person believing that the most important things in syncing and backing up your files (see, I still use the word “files”))) are the simplicity and security. The way you use your sync folder should be as effortless as it’s only possible. In this respect, the more side features are being added, the more the syncing process gets complicated. Consequently, the user appears to be offered too much, when only the core essence is needed.

As an example, ok, Dropbox promises adding your FB friends’ tagging in the synced photos, but do I really need them? Hell no, synchronization is all about getting access to your data whenever your need the files, no matter which computer you’re using. What does FB tagging have to do with it?

May be if I were a lazy teen, and was bored enough to check what my friends are syncing at THIS VERY MOMENT, or where some of my pals has taken a certain synced pic, I’d care about such an update, but Thanks God, being an adult you have more serious and essential things to do.

As P.S. Dear Mr. Houston, I get that you’ve probably got no idea about this blog, but if you find this post somehow, please, oh, please, take a look around. Some of your rivals, like the authors of 4Sync, for instance, have done their homework, and the updates of their new version are much more valuable. They have made their service work better, faster and in a more secure way without adding some unnecessary functions. There should come the time, when others’ experience, like the one from 4Sync, should be taken into account, don’t you think?

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