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The Europas 2011 - European Technology Startups Awards

It’s true that the ecomomic crises happen majorly on a cyclic basis, and it’s almost impossible to prevent another cycle.

Yet, the the recent economical crisis which has touched upon the whole world has proven the fact that virtually nothing can prevent the technological progress and the invention of numerous useful products or the lauch of ingenious, still already highly-profitable start-ups.

Here, it hasn’t been the surprise for me to encounter the exciting news about the upcoming “European Tech Awards (The Europas 2011)” taking place on November, 17, 2011 in London, aimed at defining the best technology startups in 2011, although the experts are now predicting the 2nd wave of economic crisis that will affect the EU countries most of all.

Despite of the fact that The European Technology Startups Awards is rather young (started in 2009), it has good chances to become one of the hottest awards in European software industry.

The thing is that unlike slower European tech startups development, the new business in the US have already become countless and I have written about many of them already, the tendencies show that the major part of them is connected either to a fun, yet partially useless apps, or the marketing and social media marketing services (let’s recall, Epom or Fliptop, for instance).

There’s, of course, other niches, mostly related to internet security and created to prevent the customers’ loss of money (I have tested both the oldies like McAfee and have also learnt about ITM Secure, if to give the names).

How about the nominees in The Europas 2011? I promise to present you some of my favorites tomorrow)

Stay tuned)

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