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To Unthink or Not to Unthink – that is the Question!

As I’ve already numerously mentioned, the modern paste of life as much as the widened, if not the eliminated international borders, at least as far as web-technologies are concerned can’t but make the social intercation and networking almost vital.

In this respect, large and developed companies, of course, tend to focus on social media marketing opportunities, whereas the average users happen to spend much time just socializing and sharing any info they find worthwhile, at least to laugh at.

Within the whole bunch of old and new social media networks, the well-known ones, like Facebook, for instance, are still holding the winning torch, but the young rivals are strengthening up now.

Among these, whereas some players like FlipTop happen to attract and reach more business-oriented target audience, some of the brand-new services, like UnThink are more about individual users, who aren’t interested in promoting their company within the social network in the first place.

Being presented as the so-called “Anti-Facebook” service, the founders of have focused on establishing high security levels that can be manually defined by each very user towards different sectors of their audience (that is followers, friends and connections).

Of course, I have also tested that is, btw, yet in its beta version to check if it’s working well and whether there’re some peculiar innovative features in it, which would allow UnThink get to the Top of the social networking rating.

Well, let’s see what we’ve got:

1) is working and the registration is quite simple (not as simple at 4shared, for instance, but likewise plain as in FB).

Here, I’ve noticed 1 small note in the account-verification pop-up stating that as long as the site is still available in its beta version, there’s a chance that I won’t be able to sign up for now. I suddenly recalled the similar situation when the initial Google+ was presented,. And it was actually worthy of waiting for registration. Would people put up with the same thing on UnThink? I highly doubt it.

2) The introductory wizard. It was fun to check the video with the friendly Tree (that doen’t work yet ((((), but it’s a bit too long and boring to check all 5 offered steps of the wizard.

2) The interface seems pleasantly-colored, though I kinda noticed that a great number of sites use white&green palette in their designs, like FlipTop that I wrote about yesterday, and many others. Guess, it proves the lack of creativity, but who knows…

One more thing about the interface, it seems to bulky, as from my point of view, as there’re at once numerous options, sections, buttons, and you turn out really confused in terms of which one of them should be opened/clicked, etc.

3) Now about the whole idea of UnThink. The claimed ultimate goal of the service is to provide the users with the highest levels of their data security, which they, moreover, change and define manually. It seems very similar to what you have at 4shared (namely various access levels you can select for your files). Meanwhile, it seems way too different from Facebook or Twitter, where it’s more complicated to point out all privacy settings for your profile.

In a whole, the only possible conclusion we can make regarding UnThink is that the service deserves “A” for the concept and so far “D” for its realization.

Stay cool)

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