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Milk.Inc Gets Unexpected Google Support

For what it takes, Google seems to be the very first potential King in the software world, at least the company’s, obviously, got such ambitions. One more actual proof of this statement is the recent invenstment into one of the freshmen on the current software development market- Milk.Inc.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of Milk before, and it has become an interesting matter to find out what innovations they have got at their disposal to attract such giant as Google and receive the huge investment.

Well, the Milk.Inc site is fun to observe, mainly because there’s actually nothing to observe within its interface. On the beige background (a bit girlish and hell knows, what it has in common with the notion of Milk)))) you can’t, somehow, even find the About Us section, though there’s a short phrase at the Home page, saying that the company is involved in software development. Thank you, guys, or better to say, Captains Obvious.

The vacancies section isn’t exactly the section, but at least it’s noticeable, likewise as the offered subscribtion options for everyone who is interested in Milk’s achievements.

These options are, in fact, the only sources of information that enabled me to learn that there’re some apps, already created by Milk.Inc developers, namely one – Oink app.

Being launched on the basis of truly creative idea, Oink app is yet more frustrating, than encouraging now, much because of the fact that the users need to wait for being invited and their application to be accepted. The explanations from the app authors are seemingly reasonable saying that the servers are still being tested. On the other hand, why not test them either quicker, or before the app starts being distributed at iTunes.

Anyway, what I should say is that my scepticism makes me not believe in the cloudless future of Oink app, if Milk doesn’t introduce some essential upgrades.

So, why has Milk attracted Google, after all? I have several versions here:

1) Milk has got many talented software developers “in the sleeve”.
2) Google tries to control all new software development companies on the market and involve them in the company’s projects.
3) Google headquarters just love Milk.

P.S. The whole situation with Google investing in Milk.Inc made me wonder, how much such investments are rewarding in the long run. Guess, they really are. The outsourced specialists can do some extra job, certainly, but their involvement is rather more effective in API Programs, like Facebook or 4shared API Program, for instance, than on a permanent basis. At the same time, the more creative developers you hire, the more chances to succeed you have.

Stay cool)

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