вторник, 1 ноября 2011 г. – More About Social Intelligence & Media Influence

I’ve been for long confident of the fact that the social presence of a separate individual has already become equally critical for small, medium and large companies, no matter what niche they happen to occupy on the market.

Hence, it’s obviously justified that the social media networking PR-strategies have become more, than common in the recent times, and you can hardly find a world-popular brand that hasn’t yet acquired its official Facebook or Twitter Page, for instance. It seems like every reputable company, starting with the software grandees, like Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, 4shared, and others, to more casual Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut or Starbucks (the list is immeasurable, you know that), have got their official and, what is more, unofficial FB and Twitter fan pages at least.

But the importance of social intelligence in networking media isn’t now only curtailed by official fan pages and the posts with company updates; these have already converted into the platforms to increase the brand’s popularity, audience reach and, consequently, the number of sales. In this respect, it also seems logical that numerous services, analysing your enterprise activity and influence have become much more famous among the users.

I have already spoken about with its vaguely useful Klout scores and much more convenient GroSocial and for now, let’s check one more interesting service, Fliptop, which is, apparently, innovative in its essence, despite having been created on the similar basis with Klout.

The thing is that, the majority of services, offering you the analysis of you social intelligence and media presence and sometimes the range of options, how this very presence can be improved are developed on the basis of “connecting” your social network accounts with the specifically created account on the site of the service., here, isn’t an exception, but what is new about it, that you are displayed the number of clicks on each and every post (text, photo, or whatever), that is you can check, how much attention this or that information attracts.

Moreover, the Fliptop is also the web-based platform to purchase profiles and increase social media influence and, in such a way - your sales rating in such a way.

In a whole, I wouldn’t dare say that Fliptop is useless, or that the service can’t have an impact on the rating of company’s popularity, yet it can’t probably become the key factor in earning and maintaining the brand’s reputation.

As a P.S. I say that whereas large companies should definitely engage in various social intelligence and media marketing activities, we, the average users, can play with other beautiful and exciting toys to present ourselves to the social media world. In addtion to customizing my Twitter and 4shared account, I’ve also adored using, like this:

Stay cool)

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