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United Ad Serving Platforms vs. Individual Players

I’ll tell it at the very beginning, this post won’t be long, though it certainly touches upon one of the vitally essntial aspects of promoting any product (e.g. IT product) and incresing its sales rate.

I’m now talking about the recent news about AOL’s, Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s Ad platforms being united together.

What does it mean?

Technically, this is rather a very brave move in the fight against Facebook and Google, which now hold the larger sergements of ad serving market.

On the other hand, this is also the very smart move from the side of the companies. Whereas the amount of money in ad serving niche is more, than impressive, the Yahoo’s chances to win over Google, for instance, are totally minute.

The principle saying “Together we are stronger” seems to be working perfectly in this very situation.

Of course, the experts, as usual, remain skeptical and offer to wait and check, whether the cooperation of three players on the market will be as effective and profitable, as it is now claimed to be, and, they’re probably right in such suggestions.

Meanwhile, what is also essential, the ad serving & exchange “playing field” has recently been added numerous “fresh” players, many of which have already received critical acclaim from the side of users.

The software forums start talking of the new service, which possesses a few advantages over its elder competitors, like Doubleclick, for example.

I would now describe all that I’ve read, but I promise to get back to both services as soon as possible, right after I get a chance to test them.

For now, the only decent conclusion we all can make is that the more diversified the ad serving market becomes, the more opportunities for development, it will, naturally, receive.

As I’ve promised, the post is short enough))

Stay cool)

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