среда, 23 ноября 2011 г.

To Say Sorry, To Conratulate and To Observe ShopCade

I’ve been busy, guys; I’ve really been busy, though I know that any justification of my absense for some time isn’t suitable enough.

For now, I can only say I’m sorry and one more thing: now I’m married, officially, so looking forward to getting some congrats from your side, both live and online!))

If talking seriously, there have passed a number of serious events while I was gone, like The Europas 2011 Winner Announcement, for instance, by the way, for those who haven’t heard of it yet, the startup that has won Grand Prix is PeerIndex (the sort of analogue of GroSocial or somewhat like this), and this fact can easily be used as one more confirmation of various social services having now become insanely popular…and profitable.

Yet, I would now like to speak of another new site that has also much in common with social media networks and is aimed at your earning due to being more active and “persistent” – that is ShopCade.

To start with, let me explain the actual idea, how ShopCade platform works: you check the relative online store app on Facebook, purchase the goods, and also share/recommend what you’ve bought with your friends, of course, in case, you wish to earn some money.

That’s basically it, the more your recommended goods are purchased, the more you can earn, as in every affiliate program.

Is ShopCade useful?

Well, as with every affiliate program, like the ones, you’ve all perhaps participated in (namely, AdSense, or, mm some of them from file-sharing sites, like RapidShare or FileTram Affiliate Program, etc.), it’s not really hard to make some cash.

Is ShopCade the good source of income?

I wouldn’t be so sure, really. I mean, if you were given the rewards for clicks, it could become a good way to make money, but you need your friends to buy, and this turns out to be not as frequent, as it may seem. So, it can only serve as a bonus, not the main salary.

Is ShopCade annoying?

Oh, yes, yes, it is. I’ve already spent hours speaking of how disturbing it is to be spammed by your friends. On the one hand, you realize that they wouldn’t spam you in vain; they just don’t have another choice.

On the other hand, you simply start loathing the services, which make the good people spammers.

Such irritation would prevent me from using the services of such kind. So, even if Dropbox ovecome 4Sync or SugarSync one day (though I doubt that))), for example, I wouldn’t use it anyway. The service which shows no respect to its users, deserve no respect.

Ok, I’m heading to have lunch with my wife now. C ya soon, guys, I’ve missed you.

Stay cool)

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