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Confidence in Prospects - a Friend or a Foe?

Within the past years the technological progress has really become if not insanely-rapid, then at least very close to it. The new devices, apps and other innovative gadgetry are almost constantly presented, making us, the users spend more and more money and at the same time converting us into the pickiest people ever. Why not? What used to seem a mere dream a few years ago is now reality.

For now, while the public hasn’t yet overcome the delight about newly-released iPhone 4S, we’ve got a chance to check the long-expected Galaxy/Nexus Prime, which has all chances to beat its iRival with the features it has got inside.

In one of my previous posts (namely, Google Nexus Samsung - Still Waiting for.....) I was considering several possible reasons why Google Samsung Android phone hadn’t been introduced on time. Well, it turns out that strategical planning is the key-factor of a decision to delay its official presentation till now; when the whole stir about iPhone 4S has decreased at least to some extent.

I can’t really opt for any other version, as new Google Ice Cream Sandwich phone on Android 4.0 is absolutely stunning by all means, being likewise stylish, convenient and multifunctional, at least that’s how it looks like at the today’s official presentation in Hong Kong.

I won’t speak of all the announced peculiarities of the phone, till I try it myself, but there’re no doubts, really that the premiere is gonna be a success. I’d rather now check if Apple is ready for such a powerful competitor and observe the company’s plans for the nearest future.

With the released past-quarter revenue results being lower, than the experts have predicted, Apple’s new Captian, namely Captian Cook (lol)))) is pretty much self-confident about the upcoming so-called Holiday quarter and has even dared to claim that it’s gonna become the record-breaking time for the company’s sales.

Here, although some fans or simply optimists tend to believe new iCEO, I remain a bit sceptical. With no Steve Jobs, and Google and Samsung having already teamed up against Apple, I wouldn’t bully so much if I were Mr. Cook. There’re good chances that he might be “eaten” in case the expectations won’t be fulfilled.

At the same time, Samsung is continuously getting stronger and has already entered the world’s Top-10 fast-growing businesses, much due to its recent release of New Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4shared services on the board and successful collaboration with ‘Giantoogle’.

Yet, I guess that we’ll see how the situation is changing only after the promising Holiday season.

Stay cool)

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