вторник, 18 октября 2011 г.

Farewell to SMS Exchange…?

Who’d we be without communication? The lonely creatures living in caves, no? Fortunately, the history has prevented us from this cave-like kind of loneliness; whereas the recent technical progress has already reached such heights that it’s more likely for us to crave for not communicating with anyone at least for some time.

In particular, the development of Internet technologies has expanded our opportunities in distant communication, not only we’ve got the phones, but a lot more. Moreover, the latest news from Apple has raised the doubts about the cloudless future of one essential aspect in mobile phones’ industry – that is sending sms.

The thing is that the newly-presented iOS 5 features presuppose the users’ opportunity to exchange messages with other owners of iProducts without installing any additional apps and, what is essential, ab-so-lute-ly for FREE. Seems to be a bit unrealistic, but it is actually true. Here, will the sms's fade sooner, than we could have predicted?

Undoubtedly, they can’t but become less popular, especially if to remind of options to exchange DM’s in social networks, Skype or even your file-sharing friends (4shared, for instance, enables you to do that with other site’s users). For now, I wonder, which trick will the mobile operators use to maintain their positions?

If further talking about DM exchange, one more essential aspect, also worth mentioning is the message history. Apparently, although the number of messages sent&received via iConnection will, perhaps, depend on the amount of your iDevice’s (+memory card) memory likewise as with old-known SMS’s, and Facebook or 4shared DM history is being stored without any limits in the taken space, Twitter still has got some troubles, concerning users’ ability to access some old-written messages of theirs. It seems odd, if to consider the service’s development paste and scale. It seems disappointing. And discouraging, surely.

In a whole, the fact that the newest technologies allow us socialize with people living in various parts of the world in a simpler way is more than awesome. But do they hide any danger for our face-to-face communication? I won’t be a moralizer here, certainly, I’ll just wish you all to have a good day and go meet my best friend over a cup of hot coffee)))

C ya)

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